I thought I would write this blog post about things I love. I’ve always loved history, (not as keen on modern history though).
I started to like history at the age of around 6. We were doing the Egyptians at the time and I found it fascinating: the language of hieroglyphs, the way their society functioned and the characters of the many pharaohs. My grandma also sparked my interest through stories of bombings during ww2.

History allowed me to learn about previous societies and people in some tough times in my life. My favourite historical periods are the ancient Greeks and Egyptians (since I was a child but it has also been reinstated by classics), the Victorians ( their society isn’t too long ago yet is so similar in some ways and in others so unrecognisable). Also the wars of the roses and the Tudors ( thanks to the white queen) and recently the Georgians as I have been studying it as part of my a level history course. I find the legal aspects of the Bill of rights very interesting especially how the monarch could no longer use their dispensing powers without the permission of parliament.

I have loved murder mysteries for many years now; both the books, films and tv shows. This stemmed from a love of Scooby Doo as a child! I have always been interested in analysing facts and arguments to come to the most logical conclusion and so murder mysteries are perfect for this odd habit!
It is very pleasing how all the pieces of the case gradually fit together to reveal the culprits.

Another, more recent interest is model United Nations. I am in no way a very confident public speaker as I can have quite bad anxiety in front of crowds but it is gradually improving. I have found that participating in model United Nations has helped my confidence tremendously! It is not as scary as debating as you do not have to go on a stage and only have to speak if you want to and feel comfortable doing so! There is a variety of committees at each conference so you can choose an issue to research which you are interested in such as health or human rights council. You also have to represent another countries views in Mun (not your own) and so it is a very challenging experience which helps you to understand different countries!

Along the route of different cultures, I also enjoy travelling! I love exploring and learning about different cultures, eating new foods, meeting different types of people and exploring new locations. I truly think that ‘travel broadens the mind’ to be slightly cliché!

I also love reading, I read mostly historical and murder mystery books which will not come as a surprise if you have read the first part of this post! One of my favourite historical books is ‘the white queen by Philippa Gregory’ which is a brilliant set of books about Elizabeth Woodville and other prominent women close to the crown during the wars of the roses.
Another historical book is ‘Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith’ which is discovered by rummaging through books in the Works funnily enough. It is part of a set of three books about Leo Demidov who was previously a secret service agent in Soviet Russia. They are fascinating books about life in Russia at the time.
Lastly, I love any books by Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle as they truly are in a category of their own. They are two writers who write such complex and interesting books with a wide variety of characters.

Finally! I love vintage shopping with friends and family. Vintage shopping allows you to find one of a kind pieces at usually very reasonable prices. They can provide a needed spruce to any wardrobe!


Vintage shopping in Leeds recently<3

Oh and I am going to be putting up two blog posts a week for the month of August, so everyone can get to know me and my future blog a bit better. I’m sorry for such a long blog post but I get very passionate about things that I love ✨
Sending positive vibes your way,

Larissa ✨⭐️




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  1. Ahh I love history! Although, I’m more into modern history. I love the 20th century because so much changed between the decades, and I think that era has a very strong political history with the world wars and cold war. Also because I can talk to family and grandparents about what it was like then and I love hearing all their stories! I’ve always been interested in the world wars and loved reading too, so naturally I read mostly historical fiction. I’ve read a lot of books set in the Holocaust, and ones about Nazi Germany and ww2 from different perspectives, which really help you to imagine what it may have been like for different groups of people. I have read one book set in Soviet Russia and loved it, so I’ll definitely put Child 44 on my reading list as it’s an era I’d like to explore more! For French A Level, we have to study a french novel and the one we’re doing is set during Nazi occupied France, which suits me well (although, it’s taken me a month to read it in French – I’m such a slow reader!)

    1. Ooh I see! I get what you mean about World War Two tho, hearing my grandma’s stories about bombing and air raid shelters sparked of my love of history too! Were your grandparents in the wars? One of my grandads was but he died before I could meet him:( I’ve had to read lots of books on the holocaust for my history a level coursework! The child 44 trilogy is amazing!! Ahh that does sound interesting, a bit like allo allo ay, more serious tho I imagine! I wanted to take French a level but as I don’t want to do English and French law anymore I didn’t!! Xxx

      1. Ooh that’s interesting! Oh no 🙁 my grandparents grew up during the war and were evacuated, but I did have two relatives (I think) who fought , one in Africa during ww2, but I never.met them either. Oooh we’re doing the Holocaust for our coursework too! Are you doing edexcel? I haven’t done any reading or prep for it yet – our teacher left in march and since then we’ve had supply teachers, so we don’t know who we’ve got next year and no nothing about the coursework, other than it’s on the Holocaust :/ haha, oooh English and French law sounds so interesting! Understand though, I was going to take law but changed.my mind – sometimes things just don’t feel right.for.you xx

          1. Ahh I see, what other topics are you doing? We’ve done changing democracy in the 20th century in Britain and America, and next year we’re doing the Blair witch trails I think. Oooh cool, hopefully French and Politics 🙂

          2. Ooh I see! We did the making of Georgian England, some of Germany from 1919-63 in year 12. We have our coursework to do, different historical views on witch hunting and the growth of cities I think. Politics is so so interesting! X

  2. Also forgot to add it in but model UN sounds so cool! I’ve heard about it briefly at uni open days because a lot of unis enter teams, it must be such a great experience!

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