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Twin peaks is a wonderful wonderful show which was introduced to me by my friend Emily. It’s very hard to describe if you haven’t watched it but it is basically a crime show where an FBI agent cooper tries to find out who killed Laura Palmer. It is much more than this however, it has some amazing and unique characters who each have very personal mannerisms. The show also has very vivid red and orange colours which make the show stand out quite a bit. One of my favourite characters has to be agent cooper who has a fondness for cherry pies and ‘damn good’ cups of coffee. He too has very specific mannerisms such as talking to a video tape called ‘Diane’ and going to a sort of mind palace with strange humans in if who seem to speak a very odd language.
I have to admit though, I have not enjoyed season 3 as much as the previous seasons but feel free to watch all of twin peaks and tell me what you think!!

I have recently become obsessed with mad men. It is a very interesting show set in the bustling advertising world of New York in the 1960’s. However, it is SO much more than this. It shows us the various platonic office relationships as well as some successful marriages and others that end in divorce. In the form of Peggy Olsen it also shows a progression from a secretary to copywriter as well as Joan who is a sassy and smart woman who runs the office.

The character development is so so impressive in mad men, so many characters change in the show. Especially Ken Cosgrove who turns from a rude guy who doesn’t value women to a someone who values his relationships with women. Peggy Olsen becomes much more confident in the show too.
Another thing I love about mad men is how it shows the characters at their best and worst; such as showing Don on top form at work and then showing him as very cruel to Betty over Henry Francis.

Riverdale is also a great murder mystery! It took me a few episodes to get into it but once you are hooked you are HOOKED plus who doesn’t ship Budhead? I’ve loved Cole Sprouse since Suite Life and so I loved how different this role was for him!!

The White queen is another amazing show. It explores the relationship between King Edward and his wife Elizabeth. The show shows Elizabeth as a very headstrong and intelligent woman who is determined to get power for herself too. It explores the Plantagenets, ( the royal family before the Tudors), who in my opinion can sometimes be neglected.

Ripper street is a show set a few years after the ripper murders with the detectives at Scotland Yard terrified of a repetition. It is a very gripping show with the storyline progressing lots over the various seasons, the character development is also very good in Ripper street.

An amazing murder mystery show is Murdoch mysteries. It is set in Toronto in the late 18th to early 19th century, it also highlights the many innovative inventions made in this time period. It centres around Detective Murdoch who was Catholic in a time when you were expected to be Protestant. He is an extremely clever deceptive with an eye for detail. There is various other characters such as the lovable George Crabtree who desperately wants to be a credible author some of my friends are obsessed with him) and Doctor Julia Ogden.


One of my favourite comedy shows is quite a little known show called ‘an idiot abroad’. It is a spoof travel show presented by Karl Pilkington who is not always open minded. He is sent around the world by Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant, they send him to a variety of places including some less than nice hotels. It is a very funny show where they go to some interesting places. P.s. If you have a dark sense of humour definitely give it a watch!! Also Mrs Browns boys which isn’t always politically correct but is funny nonetheless! It centres around an ‘Irish woman’ called Agnes Brown and her relationship with her many family members.

Let me know what your favourite tv shows are in the comments below! Let me know if you have any ideas for blog posts and leave them below or message me🕊 I was thinking of starting my anxiety blog posts of with the causes of my anxiety or how I manage my anxiety? If anyone is interested in this?

Also let me know if Wednesday and Saturday posting days for summer are ok?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer ☀️Sending good vibes always, Larissa

P.s. If you have read this far you can an in imaginary high five
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  1. I’ll be adding some of these to my ‘to watch list’. I love crime shows! Idiot abroad always has me in creases!

    Natalie –

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