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This is the first post from my Dear Kitty series. I will be giving advice on certain issues as if to help my younger sister. (I have a twin brother and sister who are 9 if anyone was wondering).


Dear kitty,

I thought I would make this post about body confidence as it is something I have struggled with for many years. Kitty is blessed with a naturally skinny figure but is starting to feel more conscious about her appearance and so I thought I would write this post. I feel like I am in quite a good place to talk about it as I am happy with my weight as a result of my healthy diet and exercise plan.


I never had much of a problem with weight as a child. I never thought I was fat and ate what I wanted to. I think that growing up predominantly away from social media meant that in my early childhood I didn’t pay much attention to my weight. If you read my anxiety post you will know I did get bullied early on but not for my weight until high school.

When I am content with my friends and position in school, I have very good eating habits etc. However, when I am not content with life it becomes difficult for me to maintain my diet, sometimes I eat too much and sometimes too little. I started to get bullied for my weight in year 7 of high school, I was not fat at this point but a healthy weight but girls can be nasty and hence lots of rumours were spread about me. I also had a tough time with friends at this school too, I was not content and so my eating habits were not good at all. I was not body confident at all. I remember going on holiday to Florida, I felt so ashamed of my body I wouldn’t wear a bikini on an empty beach in case someone saw me. Looking back on photos, I was a healthy weight I just couldn’t see it because of people at school.

I then moved school at the end of year 8. It was for a variety of reasons, some of which were mentioned in my anxiety post. I understand this is not an option for everyone but luckily it was for me and it was a godsend to escape such a toxic environment! This was a very very healthy decision for me. It took me from an environment where everything was scrutinised to a more happy environment with people of different shapes and sizes, as it should be. I took a while to sew back the seeds of self confidence but it slowly came back to me.

I started to regulate my diet more!! I have not eaten gluten, dairy or wheat since the age of 12 but I also started to eat more healthily in general, as I cared about being healthy for me not because of what others thought of me. This is the best reason to do it, as I have stuck with it for around 4 years so far.

I also started rowing and doing cardio exercises at home. I started doing exercise because it made me feel good, gave me more energy and helped me to create new experiences with friends.

Here is a top tip, if you hate exercise by yourself at home, put a film or YouTube video on in the background to make it less torturous!!
As well as swimming more, which I have always loved! I find it so relaxing; a way to be alone with my thoughts. It is so helpful to discover what to do next or figure out situations.

I also want to stress that you shouldn’t do exercise to please anyone else, it should always be for yourself! Don’t try and please a guy who probably won’t be around in 6 months. You should do exercise because you want to do it!

Don’t compare your bodies to models and others on Instagram!! This is not healthy at all and although it is easier said than done you shouldn’t do it. Quite often models have teams of dieticians and personal trainers to keep them looking slim as well as photographers to make them look very skinny in photos. You shouldn’t compare yourself to people in Instagram posts as they couldn’t also be photoshopped, you are not always seeing the real person.

I am going into year 13 when writing this post, I am confident in wearing what I like as I know what suits me and my body type, most days. I do get my anxious days where I do concentrate on what others think but I am usually much better. You need to realise what body type you have and dress in ways which compliment it as at the end of the day everyone is different which is gives the world a wonderful variety. If you are comfortable with yourself you should be able to wear what you want: from long dresses to short skirts, you should be comfortable in what you like wearing.

I want to stress that I am not 100% body confident. I will never be an Instagram like model who poses with a sultry like expression on their face; besides I like to think of myself as a happy person. However I am happy with my appearance, I can wear a bikini on the beach and I don’t care what others think as I just want to concentrate on myself and my journey. Sometimes my thighs look quite prominent in photos but I don’t care as much anymore, as it is my body and I know I am being healthy. I never want anyone (especially not my sister or brother) to be ashamed of parts of their body because they ‘aren’t skinny enough’, it isn’t right.

Let me know if you guys like this kind of blog post you like reading and what else you would like to see! I’m enjoying writing blog posts with both a story and an advice aspect on topical issues for women such as body images!! I am also slowly working on a post about how I control my anxiety, let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in?

Sending you guys positive vibes and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer ๐ŸŒ™โœจ๐Ÿ•Š p.s. you may find a bonus post or two from me besides the 2 posts a week for summer!! I hope you all enjoy them ๐ŸŒ™ Larissa xox

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12 Replies to “Dear kitty..”

  1. This was such a beautifully written post, everyone needs to hear this every once in a while!
    Best wishes, Gee x

  2. This is such a lovely thing to do, I don’t know what I would have done growing up without my big sister sometimes! Yours is blessed to have something to read like this ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

    K x

  3. Larissa. This is beautiful. I LOVE how open you are; how transparently you share your past story and inspire others with your journey to today. I completely agree with everything you’ve said, and I know your siblings are so so fortunate to have you! Lots of love my beautiful friend ๐Ÿฆ‹

    1. Thank you so much Jade๐ŸŒธ I have been through quite a lot in my time and so I’m trying to help others on their journey too๐ŸŒป That’s very lovely of you!! Lots of love too ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

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