16th August Results day survival guide!πŸ“š
17th August- a level results day
24th August- GCSE results day

This is a photo from the day before results day last year. P.s. Sorry if it’s a little blurry but I thought I was an indie year 11…

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I thought it was appropriate to post this the day before a level results day to help some people who might be feeling very anxious!


Make sure you get some sleep even if you are on a sleepover or stay up watching films and tv shows.
Make sure you have a filling breakfast in the morning as it helps to soothe your nerves. Bring a snack with you to school if you want, preferably a heathy snack such as an apple or a fruit bar.

Don’t rush opening your results. Don’t let anyone pressurise you, open it on your own time! If you have anxiety like me, you might want to open them in a quiet area of school or even outside, if your school has a nice outside area. Also, bringing a bottle of water will help to calm you down before opening your results.

Bring family with you, (if you are close to your family). This was so so important for me as most of my friends were away last year. It was important for me so I didn’t get too stressed. My brother and sister running around my school hall helped to bring results into perspective! If your friends are around tho, they can be very supportive on occasions like this!

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like being in photos on results day, it isn’t a happy day for everyone but you have to put your results in perspective. If you are happy with your results thought go for it, be proud of yourself!! Also, try not to compare yourself to anyone else as you are an individual with your own strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t be afraid to ask teachers for advice on your next steps. Also, don’t be afraid to change plans based of your grades.

Get a remark if you didn’t get the grades you wanted to or grades which aren’t in line with what you had been getting in mock exams. I gained marks in all the papers I got remarked, including 6 marks in history! Remarks are not that expensive when you are thinking about your future plus you get your money back if you go up grades in the remark!

Ask school or college if you can do the a levels of course you want to or change your plans.

Give yourself a treat to look forward to after you have got your results. I went out for pancakes with my family and then out shopping which was really really lovely. Or even a treat in the next few weeks such as going to Leeds festival perhaps.


Please don’t worry if you didn’t get the grades you wanted but still did OK, don’t worry! You change so much between year 11 and 13, I know lots of people who have improved so much in their abilities! Taking subjects in 10 subjects is very demanding! , it’s very difficult to be good at 10 subjects!

If you guys are getting As/ a level results your results may allow you to go on avenues you never thought about such as apprenticeships or different universities!
It doesn’t have to define your future if you have worked hard and continue to work hard through year 12. Look forward to the future!! Your results are what you make of them at the end of the day!

A short disclaimer that these are tips I think would be helpful for someone to know before results day but obviously everyone is different with different routines suiting different people better. Let me know how results day goes for you guys and if you do anything fun afterwards!! 🌻 If anyone wants to talk to me about anything to do with school results, I’m always here for a chat!

P.s. Let me know if you would like any more specific school related posts! I was thinking of doing a post on year 12 and my future plans for university? Let me know if you guys want to see any more specific school related postsπŸ“š

Good luck to everyone getting their results and I hope this post was helpful:)
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer. Sending good vibes always,
Larissa πŸ’˜βœ¨πŸ•Š

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