How I control my anxiety. This has been requested a lot!I hope some people find this helpful.

This is a very difficult issue to discuss as different methods work for different people! If you are trying to discover how to control your anxiety, I think research into different method is key! I think starting with more natural methods is best, before progressing to tablets if your doctors prescribe them. I think it is important to discuss different methods with your doctor if you do not know much about them, or alternatively possibly a nutritionist if you want to.

I just want to say that I have only had minimal discussions with doctors and some mental health nurses about my anxiety and I have found my own ways to control my anxiety. I am still exploring how to control it though and I am going to start to see a doctor again. What I mention in my post is what helps me but obviously I am not medically trained at all!

Without further ado, here is how I control my anxiety currently!


Specific items

L-Theanine (capsules) is in green tea, it helps me to feel less anxious. I also take vitamin D too which makes me feel more happy and less anxious.


Green tea makes me feel much more calm. I love ginger bread green tea and fruit green teas! Also, home and bargains do a variety of reasonably priced green tea too such as peach green tea to get you through stressful periods!


Some of my favourite teas.


Eating healthily makes me feel a lot less anxious and makes me feel more happier.! This is a porridge recipe I modified from the book ‘Eat Smart’.


Planning situations to make sure I am aware of all eventualities so nothing will be a surprise to me. This helps a bit to clear my mind of negative thoughts of possible situations.

Exercise also helps me control my anxiety such as swimming which helps me to plan our situations and stay more calm in general. I also like to do cardio, Pilates work outs which helps to give me more energy and make me feel more happy in general!
I have also started to become interested in mediation and yoga more as I find it makes me feel relaxed. One of my Rs teachers sometimes goes through meditation sequences with us in exam season which helps tremendously!

Swork out is a v good, free app to do cardio, Pilates, yoga etc.
There are also some wonderful videos on YouTube about yoga and mediation.
Yoga- yoga with Adriene or swork it app
Meditation– Happify

I also find puzzle games such as unblock me help to distract me from my anxiety and certain songs such as by the wombats and glass animals. I was thinking of doing a full post on this if anyone is interested? P.s. I play unblock me a slight bit too much..

Also reading the newspaper seems to help me to feel less anxious and it makes your problems seem much less significant when compared to world news.

‘Self care’ which basically means giving myself time for the things I love!

Tv shows such as mad men (see my post about it tv shows I love) make me feel very relaxed.

New books– I love getting into a new book and reading it whenever I get a spare moment. This is a new book I have bought recently. P.s. how cute is my bookmark?


Spending time with family and friends makes me feel very calm too.

Travelling makes me truly happy and relaxed! I do get some anxious moments such as with language barriers or crowds at temples but it truly makes me happy! I love learning about new cultures, eating with the locals and meeting local people!

Reading before bed/ taking time for myself.
This helps to calm me down and prepare me for bed.

Waking up early gives me more time for myself before I get ready meaning I don’t have to rush which makes me feel anxious. It also means I can check I have everything I need for school too which is so important!

Lessing my time on social media and reading more! Something I struggle with but I have recently put some social medias which seem to make me anxious such as Instagram in the last page of my social media folder which has helped a lot. I don’t look for Instagram on my phone much anymore and although I like looking at photos, I don’t go on the app as much as I once did.
Also, unfollowing negative people on social medias has also helped me to feel less anxious and self conscious! I am thinking of doing a full post on social media if you guys would be interested?

Thank you for reading and sending positive vibes to you all! Let me know what posts you would like to see!!
Enjoy the rest of summer, Larissa 🌻⭐️🌸


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  1. Love this post! These are some really useful tips. I’ll have to give more of these a try – especially the reading before bed one I’m guilty of attempting to do this but then I just end up flicking through Instagram. Also that gingerbread green tea is so nice isn’t it! x

    1. Aw Thankyou!! I’m glad you have found it useful! It’s always very tempting to go on your phone before bed but it’s never a good thing for me personally!! Yess I love it! The cherry bakewell one is nice too:) x

      1. I know, this post has inspired me to turn my phone off tonight and just read! 🙂 Ooh that flavour sounds nice too I’ll have to took out for it as I’ve never tried that one. x

  2. Another post that I loved reading. I completely agree with you on the early mornings and unfollowing certain people on social media feeds. A good clear out can do you the world of good ✨

  3. I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer from anxiety but I do get stressed and nervous from time to time – I’ve never even thought of drinking green tea to help but I definitely will now!
    Best wishes, Gee x

  4. Very useful post. I like that you included meditation and yoga. Meditation really helped me heal my panic attacks and now I practice it daily. It helps even when I’m not anxious. When I need to take an important decision, meditation helps a lot. Did you try the meditation app called ‘Headspace’?
    It is amazing. Travel is also a good coping mechanism for anxiety. I love traveling but of course, like you said, the crowds are not so fun to be around.

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