I thought I would write a post about one of my favourite countries in the world Thailand. Thailand is a wonderful country where you can truly feel at home. It has such special Buddhist culture, amazing food, lots of kind and welcoming people.

The food is amazing! The green and red curries with sea food and duck are my favourite but chicken fried rice is also nice and papaya salad too. Mango and sticky rice is my favourite dessert no questions asked, the mixture of flavours is perfect!Our favourite restaurants are: Cabbages and Condoms, Lek Seafood Silom.


Meal at a shopping centre. So good and so so cheap


shopping centre







curry all day everyday!

 mango and sticky rice


Dessert: Mango and sticky rice, amazing!!


Snacks: coconut milk ice cream at the weekend market


coconut milk ice cream 

Sights and culture  


Grand palace is an extraordinary palace! It is filled with golden and glorious buildings from head to toe. It is a wonderful place to explore for a few hours but be careful as when it is hot you feel the sunlight directly on you.




Emerald Buddha is also such a wonderful place!

Snake farms are interesting places where you can see a variety of different species of snakes.

China town is a very unique place. It has a spectrum of shopping opportunities from cheaper shops where you can buy items such as hair bobbles in bulk to the more pricey gold shops.


There are also lots of nice seafood restaurants nearby too.

There are also lots of amazing temples nearby such as:

Sri Mariamman Temple

Buddha Relic temple and museum

River boats/ floating market. The riverboats are one of the best ways to see Bangkok in the way most of the other locals do. You can get to China town and a variety of other places by boat. The floating markets are also a very unique experience, a great place to buy souvenirs although you will most likely not get any bargains there!

river boat

Asiatique is another place you can go to by boat. It is quite a difficult place to explain but it is a great place to go for dinner as there is a huge variety of restaurants, shops/markets and also a place with activities for children and a wheel too.

Koh Samui is the perfect beach setting. It is much more chilled out than Bangkok and does not have the ridiculous traffic! There is a huge variety of beaches with very reasonable beach side restaurants, { our favourite beach is Lamai beach}.


Koh Pha Ngan is less of a touristy area than Koi Samui. It also has lots of beautiful beaches and cheap markets too.

kpy         kpy2


Hua Hin is also a very wonderful place, although when we went there we didn’t have much chance to explore.


Cha-Am- Mrigadayavan palace was so beautiful, it was such a lovely palace to explore.


Chiang Mai is an amazing place! It has such a wonderful atmosphere! We went ziplining through the jungle when we went which was amazing and had such great views. We also went to the zoo where we saw some giant pandas, I love pandas and so I had the best day.




Weekend market is probably my favourite place to shop in Bangkok as it has such a variety of items there such as clothes, bangs, shoes, art, flowers, books etc at very reasonable prices. However, you also have to be careful not to buy in excess!

Siam paragon

Tech malls are great places to buy cheap technology items which are good quality.


Sky train- the cheapest and most efficient way to travel around Bangkok provided you have researched your route beforehand.

near station

This was from near our local Sky train station.

Tuk tuks are definitely a unique experience you have to try but they are not the safest way to travel! The drivers can also try to charge tourists inflated rates.

Taxis can be quite reasonable once you have got the drivers down to a reasonable rate!

Shared taxis can be very useful as it helps to share the cost of the fare.

Let me know if you liked this travel post! I hope you are all enjoying the last of summer! Sending good vibes, Larissa xox

Disclaimer: All these photos are my own, if you use them please give me credit!

Also, I want to say I realise I am very grateful to have been able to travel to Thailand. It would be such a wonderful trip to save up for if anyone is thinking about it!

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