Year 11/ year 12 advice!! Most of the advice will be general however some is specific to year 11 or year 12. This is a collab with , please check out her back to school post too 🌸🌻 This post is in collaboration with the lovely Lizzie from the blog Go and read her post after you have read this one ✨

31st August- It is also the one month anniversary of my blog! How exciting!!

Always make revision notes right after you have done a topic in class as this makes revision so much easier as the topics will be clearer in your mind.

Use mocks as a learning curve for how long it will take you to revise certain topics, if you need to concentrate more on past papers or learning the content. However please take them seriously, they are a dry run for your actual exams and can help a lot!

Make sure you have made a revision timetable before mocks/ your real exam.
If you are doing GCSE’s make sure you prioritise the subjects which are more important such as maths, sciences and make sure you revise them more frequently than other subjects. Also, subjects such as languages are easier to do a small amount every day rather than in a large revision session.

Start revision early to identify your strengths and weaknesses early on!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from teachers or other students.

Choosing a levelsπŸ€” Choose a levels you are going to do well in and you enjoy! If you have a specific career in mind check what subjects would be beneficial for you to take. If you want to do medicine, many people in my year have taken biology, chemistry and a humanities which means you can take subjects you are passionate about.

A levels specifically!!

Use your frees productively if you have work but also give yourself breaks as a levels are a lot of work!! Frees are also great times to see teachers about topics you didn’t understand and essays too.

Don’t be afraid to do badly in the first few months of your a levels as this is completely normal!! A levels are a world away from GCSE’s, it takes a while to meet the standard.

If you are doing a levels, make sure to do active research into careers early on in year 12: you could do different types of work experience, talk to teachers, read magazines such as English review, think about what your favourite parts of your a level subjects are!! University application comes around very quickly and is so much easier if you already vaguely know what you want to study.

Also, make sure to look around unis as early as you can! There were certain unis I always thought I would apply to as I love the cities themselves but when I looked around I hated the course at the uni itself. If you are looking around unis in year 13, this could be very stressful as you would have to put other unis on your UCAS form!

Start revising early on as there is so much content!! Also, for a levels you need to have grasped specific exam techniques in many different subjects which also take time to perfect!

I hope this helps some of you guys! Let me know if you find these types of posts helpful and if you would like to see any other specific posts!!
Sending you all good vibes for the last few days of the holidays πŸŒ»πŸŒΈπŸ•Š

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