I am going to be going into year 13 (my last year of school) in early September which is extremely daunting. I have heard from my friends in the year above that the work in year 13 is much more challenging especially for subjects where you have AS’ and A2 exams!! Nothing good ever comes easy, you need to be prepared to work hard for your grades! Although, I do genuinely enjoy my a level subjects even if they do stress me out very often. I am taking classics, history and Rs if anyone is interested about taking them for a level, you can always message me.

I am also very determined to do law at university, I can definitely see myself being a lawyer which is reassuring at least. My subjects lead onto the law quite nicely with all of my subjects being analytical essay based subjects.

A huge part of year 13 ( as well as the latter part of year 12) is university application, this is easier for me than other people as I know what I want to do at uni but it has been challenging so far. I have found writing the first few drafts of my personal statement very challenging, (it still needs lots of challenging). I am not a person who loves being the centre of attention and consequently writing a piece about myself and my future plans has been very tricky!

I am happy to be moving on from school though, I am ready for the challenge and ready to meet new people! I will miss my friends and family but I am I know university will suit me more than school: no more waking up at 6:30, having to go to school at the same time every day, having a similar style of lessons. I am also ready to learn with people who are passionate about what I’m passionate about. Although it will be a challenge moving from the small town I live in to a much bigger city as I prefer city unis to campus unis. City unis allow you to experience living in a city which I have never done, experience the night life fully, to have access to many libraries, to have many museums/cinemas/theatres/shops on your doorstep and to be close to university ( as I live very far from the school I currently attend).

Essentials for sixth form

Lots of note paper and or an iPad/ laptop if you have one.

Folders (some schools give them out)


A planner ( the works/ home and bargains do some cheap and cheerful ones) to plan out your day including frees, seeing teachers and free time.
Also, you might want to get a day to day organised too for revision, (you can get them from smiths, The works etc)

A hole punch as some teachers never seem to have them

A mug/ flask. If you have a kettle/ hot water tap in your sixth form common room, this is an essential to keep you on top form with various hot drinks.


Snacks for free periods– brain food is so important!! Your brain works more than ever in sixth form.

Your purse– if you are allowed out of school in frees, break and lunch time this is an essential! Or even to buy treats in the canteen!

Text books or reading books which are usually given by the school but you have to bring them most lessons!


Normal essentials

Coloured pens/ normal pens


Rubbers, pencils.


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