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 Dear Kitty, 

Please don’t become a slave to your screen. It is so tempting in our modern age but is so bad for your mental health and your growth throughout childhood.

I am lucky in some ways that I have spent much of my childhood without social media. I think this would have made my anxiety worse than it has been.

Use of social media

I think it is so important to know how to use social media correctly or use it in a way which makes you happy and doesn’t make you compare yourself to others too much.

What to put on social media?

Please don’t put your whole life on social media. It is nice to have moments you have shared away from your phone camera, personal moments you will cherish for a long time. It is nice to put the occasional photo up to show others what you have been up to but I don’t think sharing a large majority of your life on social media is beneficial!

Who to follow?

Only follow people who you firstly know, secondly who you like and trust. There is no point in following people who you dislike, it’s not going to be great for your mental health seeing them on your feed all the time. I don’t follow everyone in my year as there are some people who I simply don’t like and who I don’t get along with, so I don’t follow them!

I would say that following ‘Instagram models’ or people with huge following who constantly pose everywhere and seem to have the perfect life, is not advantageous for someone who is growing up. It is so unhealthy to compare yourself to these people because quite often the photos have been heavily edited and so do not show a normal persons body and also some of these people do not have normal diets which keep you healthy long term.

Celebrities? Sometimes it can be nice to see celebrities with their exotic lifestyles or funny posts like Ryan Reynolds! I think you have to realise that celebrities do not have normal lives and try not to compare yourself or your life to them!

Social media detox? Every once in a while it is great to get a break from social media: read books more, spend time with family, go for walks and learn to appreciate basic things. I have put social medias labelled as sometimes ‘damaging to my mental health’ later on in my social media folder which has trained my brain not to look for it as often.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Sending you all good vibes for the last days of summer and first few days of school!

Larissa xo

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  1. Not following people you dislike helps more than I imagined it would, you don’t realise just how much it can effect your mood until you’ve had a bit of an unfollow spree, honestly feels like a weight off your shoulders💖

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