End of summer favourites- some of my favourites throughout the summer:)


Emma. An amazing, witty book with some very interesting characters. Emma centres around Emma Woodhouse who is a sassy match maker who tries to find love for others but is less concerned about her own love life.

I love how this book shows how much people can change and learn from their experiences; Emma herself changes a lot during the book! Plus who doesn’t love a bit of Me Knightley!

The handmaid’s tale. A very creepy, dystopian book which always keeps you on the edge of your seat!

I am currently reading paradise lost by John Milton which I think is very interesting although it’s a different type of book to what I usually read! It is an interesting yet somewhat conversion take on heaven, hell and the devil.

Cookbook: I barely ever buy cookbooks but I have been really enjoying using the cookbook ‘Eat Smart’ by Niomi Smart! Although I’m not a vegan with all my intolerances it is easier to make vegan food sometimes and add meat occasionally. The book gives loads of recipes relating to meals, drinks and snacks! 

Films: Bridget Jones’ baby. This is just a funny, feel good film. I didn’t like the first two very much but my mum recommended it so I decided to watch it and it’s definitely worth a watch.

A bitter harvest is also a very sad film but also a very interesting about Ukraine (where part of my family are from) and also about the different relationships between the characters themselves.

Their finest is a very sad film but it’s a very interesting look into war time propaganda films.

Tv shows

Mad men is such an intriguing show, I have done I more in depth post on my favourite tv shows if you want to read it!

New season of Victoria. I adore this tv show. I think the acting is amazing and the story lines are always very intriguing. I genuinely love Jenna and Tom as a couple too!!

Quacks is also a hilarious show which is still on bbc iplayer. It has some very iconic characters and shows you into the lives of surgeons in a time when they acted very much as if they were in a theatre; well worth a watch!!

Twin peaks is just an extraordinary show. It’s so very unique with lots of weird and wacky characters. It’s hard to feel sad when you see agent cooper on the screen!

Game of thrones is also a series I have started to enjoy although I didn’t think that I would.


Lime crime Venus palette. A stunning palette if I do say so myself! If you want to see how I use it read my post on my simple summer make up routine- https://lifeoflarissablog.wordpress.com/2017/08/19/my-very-simple-summer-makeup-routine/

Heat palette is a stunning palette which I got near the end of summer:) Let me know if anyone would like a full review on this palette and how I use it?

Becca Jaclyn Hill champagne pop highlighter is honestly the most stunning shade, it looks beautiful  on the inner corners of your eye especially.



Glass animals’ How To Be A Human Being – such an uplifting and feel good album with so many catchy tunes!

Imagine dragons Evolve. There are some very catchy tunes on this album which are so easy to listen to, especially when you feel a bit down!



Happify is an app I have been trying out recently which is helping me with my mental health!


Mental health– I have been trying out the rescue remedy drops recently and they have been helping me to keep more calm when I feel anxious.

Peppermint tea is also helping me to feel more relaxed too.

I have been really enjoying Pilates recently, I enjoy it more than my usual cardio and it is good exercise too! I love putting on a film or YouTube video and doing some Pilates when I have time!
I hope you all enjoy this post! I hope school is going well for you all 🌸⭐️ Let me know what type of posts you would like to see. Now that I’m back at school, I am going to be posting once a week with an occasional mid week post✨Let me know what your end of summer favourites are in the comment section below:)


Sending you all good vibes🌻🌸

Larissa xo

P.s. Social media🌸🌻




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