Day out in Leeds with my sister 
We were on our way to the museum and we went past the cathedral and decided to go in! It was so so beautiful and peaceful. 

We found the Leeds city museum was so interesting. They had some specific exhibits about the history of Leeds which I particularly enjoyed such as the standard of education in Leeds in the Victorian era to the much later punk movement! We also enjoyed the Ancient Rome and Greece era; there was lots of activities for kids such as making mosaics or fitting pieces of plates together. There was also some very interesting artefacts too. 

My sister then wanted to go to the museum shop and the fun fair… Kitty bought herself a dinosaur egg which grows in water, oh the innocence and lack of responsibility of youth but she enjoys it nonetheless! 

Then we went shopping for a bit and then to a vegan cafe. I didn’t have much of a chance to look around Leeds the last time we came as I mostly focused on visiting the university so I was surprised at how big the city itself was. The home sense in Leeds is amazing!! Me and my sister got some note books and Kitty also got some vegan strawberry marshmallows:) 

Then we spent about 15 minutes looking for the Vegan cafe which was called Global Tribe cafe which was quite out of the way. It was a very homely looking cafe with a nice shop next door. We ordered a bean burger, a slice of strawberry cheesecake, some exotic looking tea and a protein smoothie for Kitty, it’s safe to say she didn’t like the smoothie. The food was amazing although we had to wait a while for it to be prepared. I do recommend the cafe although it was more pricey than other vegan cafes I have been in. 

Vintage shopping commences as well as a visit to the market and the corn exchange.

The vintage shopping in Leeds is very good although it wasn’t quite as good this time as it has been. 

The market was also very cute with a variety of items from fish, to snacks, clothes and crepe stalls. I didn’t buy anything at the market which is quite unusual for me as I usually get persuaded to buy donut peaches or endless punnets’ of strawberries. 

Dinner at a Thai:)))) We went to a Thai restaurant called ‘Mommy Thai’, we have been there before and it didn’t disappoint. The food is always very delicious and they are very quick at making the meals too. I had a red chicken curry and kitty had chicken fried rice, I wanted to get mango and sticky rice but they had ran out of mango to my dismay.. 

We then had to walk back to the train station which was a short walk from the corn exchange era. We had around an hour to wait before the train so Kitty persuaded me to go to Starbucks to get her a Carmel frappacino with Strawberry syrup; even the barista thought it was an odd combination! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that school is going well for you all🌸✨🌻

Sending you all good vibes, Larissa 🌸

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Larissa xo 

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  1. These types of posts are so interesting – especially when I’ve never been to the area!
    Best wishes, Gee x

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