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I also want to say thank you all so much for 200 followers! I am so grateful you all want to read what I have to say, I am so happy I have reached 200 followers!! I thought I would post the Versatile blogger award so you all can get to know me a bit better.


1) I love reading. I have always loved reading historical books even when I was little and my love for murder mysteries developed a bit later. I have always loved how books can transport you into the story for a short time anyway it helps you to escape reality.


2) I really enjoy doing exercise and watching a film at the same time. Exercise gives me lots of energy and I find it is a great way to start the day if I am not in school. Watching a film whilst doing exercise kills two birds with one stone and helps to make the exercise more enjoyable..


3) I am a quarter or so Ukranian. My grandad came to England during the Second World War and stayed here ever since. Lots of people think I’m Spanish or Portuguese but I’m actually Ukranian!


4) My favourite tv show of all time is Sherlock, I love murder mysteries in general!! One of my favourite film series’ of all time is Star Trek, me and my mum are hug Trekkies! I definitely prefer Star Trek to Star Wars as I believe it shows life in the not so distant future and I think the idea of space exploration is so so exciting.


5) I love helping people and giving advice. I have a younger twin brother and sister, I am constantly giving them advice on a huge variety of topics, I like to think I am fairly good at it too!


6) My favourite items of clothes are skirts and dresses. I find they are very flattering and can be used in different seasons too. I particularly love tartan skirts if anyone was wondering. You can find such good quality ones in vintage shops.


7)  My favourite makeup products are eye shadows as I adore making different eye shadow looks with a cat eye flick at the ends. I find it really relaxes me when I do it on the bus in the mornings but some mornings I lack the effort!!


8) A bonus answer- I have always been ambitious even as a child. My mum and dad have instilled in me the unprintable of hard work to achieve your goals. My mum taught me about photosynthesis when I was 3 as she wanted me to push me, as she used to be a scientist. It’s quite ironic that I have gone in the opposite route and I now want to be a lawyer.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this!! Larissa xox


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