How to pick yourself up after a bad day/few months

I am writing this to help anyone who might be going through a dark period in their lives. I had a recent tough period in my life following GCSE’s and into year 12. It took me a long time to feel myself again. It can feel very isolating when everyone else seems to be happy with their life. These are some of the tips that helped me.

Spend time with friends/ family. This can help to take your mind of anxiety or depression especially if you spent time away from social media. 

I went to a vintage book shop with my sister recently:) 

Don’t be afraid to approach new people or try new things. I started volunteering at a museum near my school part way through year 12, I went for about 2 hours each week for 10 weeks and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I was hesitant go as one person who I don’t get along with was going with one of my friends. However they left after one session leaving me and someone else from my school. We became good friends during our volunteering experience; making leaflets and choosing fonts really brings people together apparently!! We hadn’t talked too much before as she came to my school in sixth form but this experience brought us close together. Volunteering at a museum was actually a very cool experience for someone who likes history like myself and someone like my friend who likes art history! We did something new each week including printing pictures of Tudor buildings for kids, making leaflets for the museums and learning how to use social media for the museum. 

You could also try other new experiences like debating maybe or a new hobby, you might enjoy it or find a new interest. I started rowing in year 9 and although I don’t have much time for it anymore, I do genuinely enjoy it! 

Watch tv shows you love, do activities which make you happy as this will help with your recovery. It’s important to spend time doing things that you love. 

Use this as an opportunity to discover new music you love!! 

Don’t be afraid to have dark days; it’s important to pick yourself up and carry on with life. 

Know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I promise things will get better if you get through this rough patch; better things are to come! 

Find something to concentrate on. This could be school although you need to give yourself breaks! I made my blog over summer and it was such a great decision for me as I have always loved writing. I have also met some wonderful wonderful people through blogging who I am very grateful to have as friends 💟 S/o to all of you for being there for me! I also have a levels to concentrate on now that I’m in year 13! 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help in work or your personal life. Sometimes it gets a bit much keeping all of your feelings and thoughts in your head. This happened to me near the start of year 12, I had a bit of a panic attack in a classics lesson and genuinely lost it. My classics teacher sat with me for 30 minutes whilst I was sobbing, it was nice to be able to let my feeling out to someone who wouldn’t judge me. Although I like to try to remain strong, you can’t always be strong. Some of the people in my class tried to be helpful, others looked on in disgust including my old best friend which really showed me who is worth my time and who is just a toxic person. 

Make sure you have events to look forward to. This is very important as you can focus on planning those events to make sure you get the most out of them and enjoy them the most. This can be as simple as going hiking maybe or visiting a castle or having a coffee with an old friend. 

Go online shopping maybe as I do enjoy looking at clothes and accessories on Asos! 

Or you could go vintage shopping; I find it very relaxing. 

Learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life such as appreciating a nice sunset or going for a walk and appreciating nature! Admiring a lovely view can help to distract you from your problems! 

Read more. This is one that really helps me as I find becoming engrossed in a story helps to distract you from your life. 

More specially a bad day.. 

Make yourself a pick me up smoothie! My favourite is a base of apple juice, bananas, strawberries and a dash of maple syrup! 

You could also do some baking, I have been loving the vegan cookbook ‘eat smart’ recently although I’m not vegan. 

Pamper yourself in any way you want to: this could include doing a face mask and watching Netflix with a green tea:)) 

Go on social media less. It’s important to try and stop comparing yourself to others!! 

Improve your diet. I find that junk food makes me feel bad about myself and makes me feel worse generally!! 

I hope this helps someone of my lovely followers who are going through a rough time. I am always here to talk to if anyone needs a friend! 

Sending you all good vibes, Larissa xo 

P.s. Social media🌸🌻




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  1. Brilliant post, I love reading posts like this that are full of great tips. On my bad days I try to distract myself or give myself something to focus on like you mentioned. Having something to do that you enjoy and look forward to can help. I definitely agree with the baking tip. When I’m anxious baking with my best friend always helps. Taking time away from social media is a big one for me too, it really helps. I’ve recently started making smoothies too and they can be so tasty, there’s something great about making your own meals from scratch! That vintage book shop looks amazing, I would love to go there. Thanks for sharing your tips, I will definitely bear them in mind in the future. Hope you are keeping well.

    1. Thank you! I would say that taking time from social media is one of the most important steps for me and giving myself things to look forward to:) I have been good, a bit stressed about year 13 tho! I hope you are doing well x

      1. No problem! I do feel that that can help me a lot too. Having things to look forward to is also great. Makes life more enjoyable. Glad to hear you’re doing good. Sorry to hear about the stress! Hope you have time to relax too at the end of the day, it can sometimes help. 😊 I’m doing okay thanks, trying to adjust to uni as I’ve just started!

  2. I’ve just started year 12 and have been feeling quite low most days since we came back to school. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. Thanks for your great advice! X

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