Some of my inspirations 
I thought I would write a post about some figures who have inspired me growing up and today even. 

Elizabeth Woodville is a figure who has inspired me since I first read the ‘White Queen’ (which is an amazing series of books if you haven’t read it). Although there isn’t a huge amount of evidence about her as a person. I’m very inspired by her courage, she was someone who used to be a Lancastrian in a predominantly Yorkish court. 

Also how she was a queen who helped her husband Edward to rule, she was not just silent by his side as others would expect her to be. 

Queen Caroline is someone who I found out about recently in history. She is one of my history teachers’ favourite queens’ of all time and I can definitely see why. She was such a fascinating and intelligent woman: from persuading her husband to keep Walpole on to stop parliamentary instability to pioneering a very effective preventative measure to smallpox. She exercised the power behind the scenes and most definitely wore the trousers in regards to her relationship with George II.

Jane Austen. I only became truly interested in Jane Austen and her life when I had to read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ before year 11. I have never been a fan of romance books or films but I soon realised her books are very unique. They are not simply romance novels but they are books which discuss the difficulties that class causes for people in the past and the difficulties people face in love, she has a very unique wit which comes across in her work. She also discusses society at the time with it’s various rules and regulations which I find particularly interesting. I am also fascinated by her as a literary figure, I admire her writing her books despite a woman’s chief aim at the time was to find a husband. 

Florence Nightingale is a figure I have admired since my childhood. She had very innovative ideas in a time when medicine was very different to today. Being a woman made it difficult to implement the changes she wanted to but she did eventually which is why I admire her. 

Winston Churchill- I admire him for being a very strong leader during the war. He took some difficult decisions which he knew were necessary and provided the leadership which was needed during the war. 

Alexander Fleming was also a pioneer in many ways. He was a brilliant Scientist who made the brilliant discovery of Penicillin due to his laboratory being very untidy. The discovery of penicillin is one of the great scientific discoveries of the modern world, it has saved countless lives and is still a very important antibiotic today. 

Princess Diana. I admire her for her charity work mostly, she truly tried to use her position for good to try to raise awareness of some issues which were still not talked about widely such as AIDS. 

Malala Yousafzai. She inspires me by how she stood up to the Taliban regarding female education at the age of 15. She is such a brave and courageous person to do so, she got shot in the head by Taliban and survived. I am so happy that she got accepted into Oxford university this year! 

Disclaimer- I don’t own any of the photos used in this post 

I used sources from: Wikipedia,, vikipedija, wiki quote and the mirror. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! Sending you all good vibes, Larissa xo 🌻✨

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