Dear Kitty,
I thought I would write this post as many people have commented on my past blog posts about how they have had problems with friends in the past, it is an important topic to address. I know you have experienced this too over the years and you are having to make new friends in a new class of people who you don’t seem to naturally get along with. 
A part of growing up is loosing friends. It’s inevitable to loose friends as you grow and change as a person but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting when it happens. It can be hard to pick yourself up again and carry on, especially when you have lost close friends like I have over the years. 
A good thought someone once told me about loosing friends is that someone people are here for the long run, some people are in our lives to teach us lessons or to give us what we need in the moment. Not everyone is going to carry on with you through the journey that is life. People change and grow so much in their teenage years, it’s normal to loose friends along the way. 
Here are some tips on meeting new people when you have lost some friends.. 

Have a have a positive mindset as this will attract people to you naturally. It might be hard if you have lost a close friend but I assure you you will find good friends with time. 

Be willing to make the first move.
Even if you ask them for a calculator or make a joke of some kind, it shows you are interested in being friends and motivated enough to make an interaction with them. 
Try and be friendly with everyone if you can. This can be very difficult but you should try to be friendly to everyone, if they are nasty to you then they are the problem not you. 

Don’t dismiss friends
just because they are different to you. It is wonderful to be friends with different types of people: it might help you grow as a person, learn new life experiences etc. 

Be open to meet new people
– whichever situations you might meet them in even if you sit next to them in a class you hate. I met someone who I used to be best friends with in maths even though we both were not particularly fond of it!

Go to different types of clubs
as you might find a true passion for something new and meet people who are passionate about the same things you are.


Try new things even if they are scary
: sports, debating, volunteering etc. Once you get used to them, you might even grow a new passion you never know. I never would have realised how much I enjoy MUN and rowing if I hadn’t tried them one day, you never know until you try it. 

Cherish every new opportunity you get such as school trips as they are great places to meet new people. I met one of my close friends in the year above on a trip to Pompeii in Easter of year 11. We knew of each other before but became very close on the trip: she has been there for me in very tough times since and she genuinely makes me laugh a lot, we are very close. I also strengthened a lot of friendships in the trio too through various funny situations involving guys following us around museums and bad food we got given. Outward bounds trips can also be good places to meet new people through various difficult situations, although this type of trip isn’t really for me.

Sending you all good vibes, Larissa 🌸
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  1. In all of my 18 years on this planet i can easily say that you wont stay friends with your primary school friends, you wont have the same friends that you did at the start of year 7 when you leave in year 11, everyones changing, some people more so than others and its okay if the friendship just isnt there anymore, cut off people that need to be or that are toxic to you, dont stay friends with someone because you’re in the same class as them and you dont know anyone else. You end up realising you were only friends with the majority of people because you saw them everyday. I think if you’ve got friendships from years ago, that’s a big achievement but just always be open to making new friends, you never know whos gonna stick around and who isnt.

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