Tips to develop a happier mindset 🌻🦋
It is world mental health day today (10th October). I am doing a post about how to develop a happier mindset in general life. Mental health problems can make me feel enclosed in darkness from time to time, so I wanted to give some general tips to help you in these moments. 

Take time to appreciate the little things even if that might be appreciating someone listening to you when you have had a difficult day, giving you part of their lunch etc. These little acts can make a huge difference to someone’s day. 

Spend time amongst nature or animals as they tend to make life seem more simple in that moment. 

Try and do little acts of kindness now and again. A smile is the best reward you can get for little acts of kindness, safe with the knowledge you have helped someone even in a small way will help your general happiness and well being. 

Ask for help/advice. Suffering in silence is the worst thing you can do. Everyone has tough days, being able to confide on someone about your problems and proposing solutions will allow you to feel happier about situations. 

Take time for yourself, take time to learn more about yourself. Sometimes it is the best thing to go out for a coffee, bringing with you a page turning classic or a film to watch on YouTube. If you feel more comfortable in your own skin, it will allow you to develop friendships more easily. Or you could allow yourself to experience something new such as a new museum or to a cinema. 

Take time for more of what you enjoy. This is an obvious one but sometimes people neglect what they enjoy most in our busy world. It is so important to do activities which make you feel good about yourself and energised. 

Make sure you stay active, try different types of exercise to find one which suits you. Exercise has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and general happiness. It can help you feel much more awake and able to deal with any day to day challenges. 

Try meditation or yoga/ Pilates. They help you to feel much more calm and in control of your emotions, allowing you to be put into a more positive mind set. 

Try different types of foods or drinks such as flavoured teas. Tea in particular helps me to relax massively. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others can damage your self confidence a lot. It is important to remember that everyone is different. Everyone has different ways of working through life, if you are not doing well in something in particular, it is best to take time to learn from mistakes to improve rather than comparing yourself to others and reminding yourself of your failures. You need to think of a failure as a challenge rather than something which you can never recover from. Sometimes the best things in life take time to achieve/ perfect, very few things come easily. 

Thank you all for reading and I hope you found this post interesting!! Sending you all good vibes and happy times 🦋🌻✨ Leave me a comment if you want to let me know how school is going for you! Larissa xo 
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