Blogtober weekly review/ sixth form update 
I had a busy week this week and in many ways a very challenging one too. My mental health suffers when I start to feel anxious because of the work load etc. 

Clubs a plenty! I run a fair few clubs at school now and also attend a lot too. I run one on Monday and I’m going to be running another club I started next term with a friend. 

Tuesday- David Starkey and a tree? 

Our history teacher showed us some of the new David Starkey documentary comparing the modern terror threat to the Reformation. 

Wednesday was not a massively noteworthy day to be honest.. 

I finally got my ear pierced last Thursday. I went with one of my friends to a spa. It was a slightly catastrophic situation to start with. Although in most establishments you can get your ears pierced at 16 here it was 18, my mum was busy and so I had to desperately ring friends to find someone who wasn’t in a lesson/ busy. Shoutout to Hannah who saved my skin on this occasion💛 However, this was not the end of my troubles. The woman then pierced one ear, realising that the earring had bent once it got into my ear. She assured me this ‘never happens’ which I didn’t find particularly reassuring. She the pierced both my ears and it ran more smoothly. 

We also started learning about provincial cities in History. I am finding this so interesting. It is fascinating to see the changes in consumerism and ways of life in comparison to the 18th century. 

We discovered we have finished our Germany booklets which means we can spend more time on coursework, fun…. 

I had acupuncture after school which always helps me with period pains and anxiety. 

Friday a summary- flapjack making and stress

We have something called ‘Life skills‘ at school which is a more advanced version of PSE I guess. So far I haven’t learn anything; even the lesson on time management was ironically a waste of my time. This lesson however was a cooking lesson for ‘movie night in’. I decided to make gluten, dairy and wheat free flapjack. I’m not lying when I say that the cooking teacher wouldn’t leave us alone, she took an automatic dislike to us all! I am a very chilled out person but she got on my nerves so very much. She praised someone who put cheese on nachos but apparently said Paul Hollywood wouldn’t be impressed with my organisation. 

Firstly, I prefer Mary anyway. Secondly, the flapjacks were quite healthy and were very good which is the main thing anyway. 

Friday always seems to be such a hectic day!! 

My lessons were fine, not massively memorable but me and a friend went out for lunch which was fun. Or rather we went on a journey to get lunch. She got a bean burger from KFC (so healthy) and I got some gluten/dairy/wheat free paninis which were delicious! 

I went over my personal statement with my Head of Sixth form too which was a big help, it’s very close to being finished! 

I have also been loving the Jack Whitehall documentary in which he travels with his Dad. It’s very funny and easy to watch, very light hearted. 
The weekend finally! A very chilled weekend after quite an anxious week. 

I had a chilled Saturday morning watching some Tv and editing my personal statement, which is very nearly finished. 

We then went to a discount outlet. I saw this beautiful black and white dress in Monsoon but unfortunately it was ever so slightly too small. It turns out as it was an old season, there isn’t any left in a 10. Just my luck!! Then we had a lovely dinner out! 

Sunday always starts of with a bowl of porridge followed by some work. Closely followed by a two hour driving lesson. My lesson went really well, I’m becoming much more confident and my road sense is doing well too. 

Before a day of work.. A levels always seem to generate so much work on top of ‘homework’. I had a lot of extra work to do on Sunday, I got a fair bit done too! 

An update: 
UCAS aka the bane of my life. 

My personal statement I almost finished but I have found it extremely stressful and difficult to get ‘right’. 

My subjects are going well! I am still enjoying them mostly despite all the work and stress, especially Rs as I do enjoy a good debate. My teachers are also quite understanding with the stress of University application too which is nice. 

So much extra reading though! This mostly applies for History as we have to put lots of specific information in our essays which cannot be found in the bare bones textbook!! 

Thank you all for reading and I hope you found this post interesting!! Sending you all good vibes and happy times 🦋🌻✨ Leave me a comment if you want to let me know how school is going for you! Larissa xo 
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