Holiday routine- study day 
This is my half term study day routine. I have a different half term to my brother and sister this year so I have a very quiet house to study in:(  I obviously don’t work every day but this is my routine for when I do! 

I usually wake up about 8 am. I usually just set one alarm as I am quite good at waking up in the morning! I have my phone (with my alarm on it) across the room, the walk to my phone usually wakes me up somewhat!! 

Breakfast! I will then go up and make some porridge. On my porridge I love to have a banana, strawberries, green grapes and some maple syrup. I will usually watch some YouTube and check my organiser for my plans for the day. 

I will usually do about 30 minutes work before taking a short break (around 10 minutes). In my breaks I typically read (I am currently reading the new Dan Brown book), watch Hemlock Grove on Netflix, do Pilates or go for a walk. 

I have lunch around 12:30-1. I will usually give myself an hour to get ready and make lunch.For lunch I typically will have something like stuffed pepper with vegan cheese and peas or a gluten free panini with vegan cheese along with an apple/ orange maybe a cookie and a smoothie sometimes. 

Then I will start work again. Some days I will have the afternoon of, it depends on the day’ I will work for sometimes 25-30 minutes sometimes taking longer breaks if I am tired. 

It depends on the day, if I have got all my work done I will finish earlier. I can’t work past 7:30 so I will usually be done around 6:30. 

After I will have dinner and then watch a film or go out for dinner with a friend perhaps as a treat for the day. 

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a lovely half term! Sending you all good vibes, Larissa xo 

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      1. Ah okay. I want to do law as well at the moment! Do you have an idea of where you want to study? And how are you finding RS and History? I might take them for. A level, I’m not sure yet xx

        1. Ohh I see! I have applied already to 5 unis but I do like Leeds at lot. I love rs, our a level is so varied which I love! With lots of opportunity to debate. I also adore history but the essay technique is harder to grasp but very interesting nonetheless! If you want to dm me any questions on Twitter, feel free xx

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