Autumn essentials 
Books. I love to read a good book in front of the fire with a hot drink in one hand. I find it is very relaxing and a good way to calm me down. I’m currently reading Origin by Dan Brown as well as lots of extra reading for history. 

Makeup– simple makeup mainly dark red or burgundy lipstick with some warm coloured eyeshadow perhaps red, orange or brown tones. 

Hot drinks. This is what reminds me of autumn. I love to have some flavoured teas such as gingerbread green tea or a hot chocolate made with cocoa powder as I can’t have milk or gluten. 

Roast dinners. This is a stereotypical ‘British thing’ but in my family this reminds me of autumn; when the weather is cold and the fire is on. 

Going to the cinema. I mostly seem to go to the cinema when the weather is much colder. 

More winter type films such as Halloween films or Christmas ones (Elf comes to mind). 

Going to shopping centres. I have spent many winter afternoons going around big shopping centres looking for winter essentials. 

Cosy clothes: 

Hat/scarf/gloves- Always try primark they seem to do the best! 


Woollen dresses 

Jumper dresses 

Turtle necks 

Woollen skirts 

Big coats 

Chunky black boots 

Chunky heels 

Sending you all good vibes, Larissa xo 

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  1. I love the aesthetic of this post! Is Origin any good? I loved the Da Vinchi Code and am tempted to pick up Origin. Also I LOVE burgundy lipstick! And gingerbread tea?? I simply must find some! I actually bought a scarf from primark a couple days ago haha xx

  2. Ah thank you lovely! Origin is very good so far, the typical Brown writing style I love so much! I love burgundy lipstick, I wear it to school pretty much every day. Gingerbread tea is so so good, they sell it at most supermarkets!
    Well, primark is cheap and cheerful😊✨xx

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