As it is Halloween, I am going to be posting about my typical autumn activities! 

Around Halloween 

Pumpkin carving. Me and my family are not very into Halloween but we do enjoy pumpkin carving now and again, it’s a nice activity to do as a family 

Watching Halloween/ Christmas films with a hot drink in hand. 
Food/ drink 

Sunday dinners. Me and my family mostly have roast dinners in the autumn in a pub near our house with a nice cozy fire. 

With a walk around a canal afterwards which is always fun. 

Picking up different types of teas. I adore trying out different types of teas to get me through revision and life really!

Having warm hazelnut lattes with soya or coconut milk – my hot drink of choice in Starbucks, Costa etc 
Winter shopping! A must really..

Going to castles. Me and my family love going around castle open days in the winter, it is such a nice way to spend the day when it is cold outside. 

Going to fairs- vegan fairs with friends. 

Going to fair grounds. I seem to associate this with cold winter nights, wrapped up warm amongst many layers! 

Going to winter markets. I love looking at the different types of stalls with varying arrays of food, drink, clothes and collectibles! 
Sending you all good vibes, 

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