My half term (blogtober) Some memorable moments of my half term. I’m sorry it is after blogtober but I’ve had a very hectic few days, so I hope you all understand! 
In all honesty I had a tonne of work to do this half term so I thought I would share some highlights and interesting experiences of my half term! 
Saturday- Leicester 

I looked around the university and I really enjoyed it. It makes the prospect of university far more real! 

We then went vintage shopping in the Lanes in Leicester, I loved the area it was so me! I ended up buying a plaid shirt and a book on the glorious revolution.

 After, we went for an Indian. We had the best Indian I have had a in a long time, it was very wonderful. 

Sunday– driving lesson and revision. The driving lesson went well except for a white van driver pulling out on a roundabout. He also began waving his hands violently at me which didn’t help either. 

Monday– Wednesday. I mostly did work and watched a lot of Hemlock Grove as my sister has been ill. I couldn’t go out as much as I would have liked to for this reason but life can throw stumbling blocks in your way and you have to deal with them. 

Thursday– It was the day of my law aptitude test which went very well, one of the ladies in the exam centre even cracked some jokes before which made me feel at ease. I did hear the occasional sound from the hazard part of the theory test next door to me! 

Saturday. I went vintage/ charity shopping. I also started looking for a car too which is very exciting! I would love to get a blue car. 

Sunday– driving lesson and shopping. My driving lesson went very well, I am a lot more confident driving at a higher speed now 

I hope everyone has had or is having a wonderful half term!

Sending you all good vibes, 
Larissa xo 

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