Dear Kitty, 
I thought I would write a post about shyness which is something I have struggled with since I was little. This is something which Kitty hasn’t had any problems with but I think it can be useful to explain about how being ‘shy’ has effected me throughout the years.

 I have always been shy for as long as I can remember. I remember being a little girl and struggling to talk to people or speak up in some ways as I feared the reaction I might get. I have always been a perfectionist and so when I was younger I would only answer questions in class which I knew the answers to. I didn’t want to take a chance for people to pick on me or for me to feel anxious, I didn’t know what anxiety was at the time though. Being shy also meant I found activities such as drama and sports difficult. My main problem with them being that I was afraid to do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing and being laughed at my others. I eventually started doing some drama which eventually improved but I still dislike doing sports in front of others. I do enjoy doing Pilates and cardio but I do prefer to do it by myself or with friends. 

I have mentioned this in a few posts but I was bullied as a small child which didn’t help my already dwindling self confidence. This made me more reserved and less likely to speak up or make conversation with people who I don’t know well. It took a long time for my self confidence to improve but in some ways it has done with age and with me trying out clubs which have challenged me. Debating has improved by self confidence immensely, it made me put myself very out of my comfort zone which made me more confident in myself and in everyday life. Even if I started crying before my first MUN competition, it went well. If you put yourself out there and know your stuff well you will blossom, I promise! I now run various debating type clubs which a few years ago would have petrified me but that’s progress! 

In many ways it is easier to irk things which scare us but doing things that scare us help us to grow as people massively. If you never try anything new you will miss out on numerous opportunities which you might enjoy!! 
Larissa xo 

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