Random facts about me. This post is about 10 random facts about me, I hope you find it interesting. 
1) My first celebrity crush was a guy from Cheaper by the Dozen or James McAvoy a bit later on. 

2) One of my favourite shows of all time is Sherlock. I adore the Sherlock Holmes books and I love the Tv show too! 

3) I have terrible eyesight, I wear glasses or contacts 

4) My favourite season is summer as I adore the hot weather. 

5) I am learning to drive but I haven’t taken my test yet, thanks for everyone for asking me when I’m taking my test 

6) My favourite fruit is a pear or strawberries 

7) My favourite animal is a panda as I identify with them in some ways, they are very chilled animals 

8) My favourite public holiday is Christmas but I hate how you sometimes feel down on the build up to New Year 

9) I loved the film ‘the Parent trap’ when I was around 10/11, it made me want a twin very badly. 

10) I struggle to watch films until the end, I am very picky. The most recent film I loved was Kingsman 2: it had some great actions scenes, some romance ones and it was so funny too. 
Sending you all best wishes, 

Larissa xo 

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