Me and a friend went to the cinema last Friday to see the new film ‘The Murder on the Orient express’ and we throughly enjoyed it! This article will have a few spoilers in it but I promise not to spoil the story itself! I have never done a film review before but I hope you guys enjoy reading my attempt and find it useful. 

I personally loved the opening shots of the film, it was very exciting yet had a dash of humour too in a scenario about breakfast foods, I will say no more don’t worry! An old friend called Bouc played by charming Tom Bateman offers Poirot a ride on the Orient Express to get to his next case. A gangster type figure Samuel Ratchett played by Johnny Depp is murdered. It is up to Poirot to solve the case even if it is a case which brings our theories of justice into question. 
The story had a wide variety of characters, some with conflicting characters too. All the characters were represented as very complex characters with many a dark secret among them too which made it more difficult to work out the identify of the culprit. Princess Dragomiroff’s dogs were also a very cute yet slightly random addition to the story. Although they did add some funny moments to the film itself. The princess herself is a very sassy character, aware of her own importance who is expertly played by Dame Judi Dench. There were also a wide variety of camera angles used in the film too which helped to build up suspense in times of tension between the characters. (A slight take on Classics last year in which our teacher drummed into us the importance of the many camera angles). 

My favourite characters in the story were the couple consisting of Dr. Arbuthnot and Mary Debenham. There is an especially cute scene near the end of the film between the two of them. The story of the doctors life up to this point is also very touching too. 

‘The doctor’ who turns out to be a detective rather than a doctor. Firstly his disguise is very very good complete with an Austrian accent and I did enjoy his addition to the storyline. His actual story is very sad though as is the main story behind the plot line too. 
The main thing I enjoyed about the story was how many twists and turns it had in it, as seen in many of Christie’s work of art. Both me and my friend struggled to work out the culprit because how complex all the characters seemed to be. We had both seemingly focused on one character before Poirot almost immediately dismissed him, the extent of our abilities!  

P.s. I do not own the rights to the photos, I got them of google images. 
Sending you all good vibes,
Larissa xo 

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