My favourite healthy snacks. I just want to say that I don’t always snack healthily but here are some ideas for some very easy healthy snacks. 
Green grapes/ strawberries w maple syrup or peanut butter 

Cucumber or carrot sticks- I adore this mixture! 

Nakd bars- v filling and they come in a variety of flavours. My current favourites are lemon drizzle and Bakewell tart! I also love the other snacks in the snacks in the Nakd range too! 

Healthy ice cream (with frozen bananas, cocoa powder, honey) 

Bear fruit rolls (because of my siblings) 

Gluten free Museli bars- They are also very filling 

Raisin packets- very quick and easy yet filling 
Smoothies (usually with apple juice, strawberries and banana). The perfect refreshment after exercise or when you need perking up! 

Gluten free Porridge (or as breakfast) Very filling to have as breakfast or a snack during the day. I will usually add a banana, strawberries, green grapes, various nuts or sunflower seeds, depending on what we have in! 

Bagels and dairy free butter and or jam. 

Healthy pancakes (also for breakfast too) with pineapple, bananas in and with chocolate spread and strawberries on top 
Sending you all good vibes, 

Larissa xo 

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