I had to do a law aptitude test for Durham so I thought I would give some tips on preparation for aptitude tests! 

Make sure to start preparing early. It is best to take it slowly, especially with preparation for multiple choice questions which can be tricky to grasp at first! 

Buy some books specifically for the test to help to get to grips with the exam itself, timing, how to register for it etc. 
Read some books relevant to the subjects area such as ethical books. You could also read the newspaper or watch the news often as it increases your grasp of current events which is vital for essay parts of aptitude tests! 
Get your teachers to mark some past paper essay questions. This helps to improve your essays in terms of the detail/ evidence used and the exam technique you have used too. 

Make sure to do some mock papers online, they might have some online specific ones which can help you to familiarise yourself with the format of the test before you sit the test itself. 

On the day

You can bring some snacks& water with you to the test centre but quite often they don’t let you ring it in with you. They do usually let you go outside for a break so you can have some water or an appropriate snack. 

Wear comfortable clothing to make sure you are comfortable as possible during the test 

Make sure to bring ID with you as they usually require it 
I hope this helps some of you! 

Larissa xo 

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