One of my favourite parts of Christmas is going to Christmas markets, not just to buy presents but to explore the variety of different goods on offer. Christmas markets are like a goldmine for unique food and presents, you never know what you are gonna find! I have been to a few Christmas markets so far so I’m going to write a post about what they were like.
Chester Christmas market. Quite a few people were giving me quizzical glances when I went to take some photos so I only managed to get a few good photos!

This was a stall targeted at people buying Christmas gifts in the form of baubles, Christmas sculptures and various decorations at quite reasonable prices.

There was also a variety of food stalls including this appetising looking German sausage. Surprisingly, there wasn’t too many food stalls this year!

This was certainly a unique stall selling wollen Christmas stalls in the form of various well known film characters. Although they look ever so slightly scary they are a nice and useful present idea for the colder months!

Liverpool Christmas market 


Always a photo opportunity!


What kind of a Christmas market would it be though, with little culinary options?


A very interesting type of stall, with a variety of intricately carved wooden animals and dream catchers, the perfect little something for someones house or room.


I found the scenery above the the mulled wine styled chalet to be particularly interesting, not that you can tell that I do Rs a level at all..

Birmingham Christmas market 

birm 2

A different type of gift which makes for a nice desk decoration! I particularly like the robot, wire concoction.


The type of present I would be very happy to receive I have to say, no hints given at all!


I love the stereotypical santa down a slay imagery, I fondly relate it to stories told to me as a child of the struggles of santa whilst delivering presents to eagle eyed children.


Lots of the decorations at the Christmas market were very intricate including this abundance of nut cracker related imagery!


This is one of my favourite photos I took. I love the Neo-classical architecture in the background which frames the image nicely.




Another typical Christmas stall selling an abundance of Christmas related decorations and lights, to add a more festive feel to your house!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I hope you have a happy, safe and relatively stress free Christmas period! Larissa xo










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