What can I say, life is more complicated and hectic than ever. I find myself with little time to reflect; I seem to be busy with an abundance of coursework, making revision notes, revising and finding time to do Christmas shopping too. I also have little time for activities I enjoy such as travelling, going to concerts etc. I even miss rowing a bit, leisurely rowing may I add. My school was even in when many schools in the area were shut, as our headmistress wants us to overcome any challenges that may come even if they are the result of mother nature. I do admire her courage with no doubt. We are also currently practising for our Christmas pantomime which is on Wednesday afternoon, I cannot wait for my time to shine with my one line. I think I got of lightly in comparison to others. In between my various commitments and work I have been watching season 2 of the crown, I finished it on Monday night and boy it did not disappoint. I love the realism shown in the show in terms of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s marriage and Prince Charles settling into a remote Scottish boarding school. I really felt for Prince Charles as I have too been to schools with an overwhelming air of masculinity and it does not help at an age when you are trying to find yourself.

I have also been hit with various colds, viruses etc, I feel a bit better but I am still not feeling great. This has also meant my mental health has not been great either, I tend to feel anxious when I do not feel myself. I had one such moment in history when I forgot the password to my laptop, it seems trivial but it made me panic for a fair few minutes.I feel much less stressed because of my Uni offers, I have been incredibly lucky in that regard.  I have also been trying meditation more recently which has been helping a huge amount in getting me into a more positive mindset, I also find that spending more time in the library with friends helps me too as the library is very chill as long as it is not exam season! I have been finding the app ‘Breathe’ incredibly helpful in doing so. It asks you to input your feelings and then suggests a series of meditations to help with your particular frame of mind, perfect for me. This post has not been sponsored by them might I just add, I just wanted to add a suggestion. Pilates has also been very helpful for me (along with swimming, walking), it is so easy to do and yet puts me in such a positive and happy frame of mind somehow.

I finish school on a half day on Friday so I am excited to have a few days of with friends and family as well as the inevitable burden of revision.If anyone wants another post about tips about revision or mocks in general, let me know in the comments below.  I am looking forward to be away from the school environment and to be waking up a bit later than my usual 6:20 starts which do have a tendancy to leave me feeling like a train without much steam left!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading a more personal post. Let me know if you are enjoying my Blogmas posts too. I have a few more planned but I have realised I am not happy with some other posts and being the perfectionist that I am, I will not be posting them as I have realised I am not a blogger who can create perfectly laid out Christmas posts and I am happy with that. I am going to be posting more mental health posts, hope that is ok with everyone!


Sending you all best wishes,

Larissa xo

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