How to stay calm whilst xmas shopping- a few tips


  • Plan a time to go shopping which is likely to be less busy, possibly during a week day in the afternoon if you can. Avoid doing last minute Christmas shopping as it will be extremely busy, it is best to do last minute Christmas shopping online.


  • Plan the shops you want to go to and roughly what you to get. I find it is easier to keep a clear head (if I am feeling anxious) when I know exactly what I am doing and what I need to get. Also, if you are planning to get public transport home, plan this too. I get very anxious at bus stops in particular so it is a comfort to know what time you are going.


  • Allow yourself time to have a break in a quieter area or time or time to get a drink in a quieter cafĂ©. It is best to break up the abundance of Christmas shopping. If you want to feel calmer, you might want to get some water, a smoothie or a herbal tea.


  • Make sure you have a safe place to put valuables. I feel very anxious when I think I have lost my valuables.


  • Try out local shops and businesses which might be further out of time: you will be helping local businesses which is very vital but also you are more likely to miss the pre -Christmas rush.



I hope you guys found these tips helpful and that they will be useful for any last minute Christmas shopping!


Larissa xo



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