The days after Christmas before New Year can be a depressing period. The build up to Christmas is over and it can be hard to know what to do in your spare time if you have revision like I do. Here are some of my self care tips for when I feel a bit down. 

Tea- More specifically flavoured teas. My favourites at the moment are Bakewell tart green tea and peppermint green tea 

Tv shows. Especially Tv shows which make me laugh such as an Idiot Abroad. It never fails to make me laugh. 

Dvd’s. I am very picky with films but if I love a film I will have watched it about 15 times! I do try and watch new films every now and again but I do get bored very easily. 

Books. They help me to get engrossed in a story. I find it very relaxing especially if I am in an anxious situation such as on the bus. You could listen to an audiobook alternatively. 

Diary. I find it relaxing to write about my thoughts, activities in a diary. 

Plans. I find making plans for when I feel better helps to focus my mind on feeling better emotionally or physically. It’s so nice to have plans to look forward to especially if you are having a hard time at that moment. 

Cozy clothes as they make me feel more at eased and in a relaxed frame of mind. 

Headphones. Music helps me to become much calmer and to distance myself from life now and again. I like to put an artist or band I like on shuffle as it helps to distance me from a situation. 

Makeup to some extent. It really relaxes me doing my eyeliner in the mornings and putting on lipstick. 

Water and anxiety help help me to feel more relaxed by making me take a few minutes to think about my breathing, go to a quiet place. 
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  1. I struggle with my mental health all through the year, but particularly this time as it can be especially tough, I loved reading through your self care tips! xx

    Han |

  2. Great post! I wrote a similar post not so long ago. What are your favourite books? I am such a book lover and they have helped my mental health so much!

    1. Thank you! Ooh, I will check it out:)) I love murder mystery books (anything by Agatha Christie), historical based books by Phillipa Gregory and Tom Rob Smith. Me too! What genre is your favourite?

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