Tips for mocks


  • Make a plan the week before you start revising but be willing to change it if you have to, prioritise those subjects which might need more time such as sciences and maths, make sure you have given yourself a long time to revise, that way you can space out your revision more
  • Make sure you have access to or have printed out the specification for each subjects, they are in some revision books and they are very helpful. If you are doing A levels an electronic copy might be sufficient as they tend to be very long.
  • Give yourself activities to look forward to, this could be short term activities such as watching a film at the end of a long day of revision or more long term activities such as going to a concert, for a day out somewhere new. You need to give yourself things to look forward to, to get yourself through revision
  • Give yourself time restraints for revision to make yourself more productive in revision sessions
  • Try to eat and drink healthily, it makes a huge difference for me. It makes me feel more positive and in a better position to revise
  • Make sure you do some exercise as it will give you more energy for revision and for any other activities in your day
  • Pack your exam pencil case well in advance and write down the dates of exams in advance to (even if they are only mocks please take them seriously) and bring water with you, if it calms you down.

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