Poirot. Such a classic Tv show but so easy to watch with such clever story lines and fascinating characters. I also love the books themselves! 

Sherlock is one of my favourite Tv shows of all time and I also love the books too. I love the fact it is set in the modern world, it gives a new twist to a well established series of books/ films. Benedict plays Sherlock to perfection with his established mannerisms and personality with Martin Freeman as an equally amazing Watson. 

Murdoch mysteries is a very easy to watch programme with a variety of interesting characters including Dr Julia Ogden as a smart, sassy and independent doctor in the early 1900’s. It’s such an enjoyable, evening programme to watch. 

Twin peaks. Although it can be an odd show in parts, it truly is such an interesting watch! It has some very iconic characters with very specific personalities, damn fine coffee anyone? It is a very good one to watch though! My favourite character has to be Cooper, he is a very fascinating character to watch 

Ripper street. A series set just after the Ripper murders with the force terrified of a repeat. A series which is very dark in parts but is a very interesting insight into the police in the late 19th century. The character of Edmund Reid really fascinates me and his quest to find his daughter which is solved in the later seasons. 

How to get away with murder is a series I have started watching again recently but it is a very interesting one. Especially as I want to study law in the future, I find it interesting watching the stories about the different cases. Especially with the different relationships within the group itself! 
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  1. Sherlock is one of my absolute favorites! I find it so interesting the way they portray how Sherlock finds out most of the things. Also, HTGAWM is so intriguing but yet cliffhanger, every time I finish an episode I feel like dropping my career and become a Lawyer haha. I haven’t seen the others but I’ll check them out.

    Laura M – http://thenoisygum.blogspot.com/

    1. Sherlock is one of my all time favourite tv shows, I have rewatched it so many times! HTGAWM is good too, I am going to be studying Law at uni soon actually xx

  2. Not going to lie, I have only watched one of these! I’m thinking of trying out How to get away with murder. The BBC have created some amazing programmes – not exactly murder but Thirteen is amazing and I definitely recommend watching it!

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