Tv shows 

Peaky Blinders is such a gripping show about the Peaky Blinders gang which operated in Birmingham. It’s so interesting learning about the police and criminal gangs in the early 20th century. Also the Shelby family too and their relationships. I loved the ending of the fourth series, it made me emotional to see how far the character of Tommy Shelby has come since the first season. If you watched season 4 of Peaky Blinders let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Doctor Foster is a show I started watching recently but I love it already. It is loosely based of the myth of Medea which is one of the plays I will be studying for my Greek Tragedy module of Classics. The storyline focuses on doctor Gemma Foster who is slowly driven mad about questions of her husbands infidelity. The show has a very clever storyline, leaving you unsure about what Gemma Foster will do next. 

The apprentice, yes it is this time of the year again! I always enjoy the apprentice despite some of the obvious mistakes the candidates seem to make! If you have watched it let me know who your favourites were in the comments. 
The Good Doctor is such a heartwarming Tv series which was introduced to me by my mum. It revolves around an Autistic doctor called Shawn who struggles with social situations but has an extraordinary mind and memory meaning he is a very talented residential surgeon. The series shows his personal and professional struggles in being accepted by his colleagues. 

The White Princess yet again another historical Tv show. I think I prefer the White Queen more but the White Princess is still fascinating and has very good acting. We are studying Tudor Rebellions in History at the moment so this series is perfect for understanding the context behind the events. 

The crown season 2! I bet no one is surprised I am watching another historical fiction TV show but here we are. I loved the first season and the second season certainly hasn’t disappointed me! 

Plebs is such a fascinating show set in Ancient Rome. It is a comedy series with a few more modern touches thrown in. It is so easy to watch and yet is somewhat educational relating to Ancient Rome. 
I think we have established that I get obsessed with Tv series too easily.. 

Murder on the Orient express. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie novels so this is no surprise but I throughly enjoyed the films and the clever use of characterisation too. 

Love actually. I can’t believe I have never watched this before considering how many people seem to mention it in the run up to Christmas. It is a fairly typical Rom-Com (although I don’t watch many) with some very funny moments. 

Origin by Dan Brown. A very interesting book with lots of twists and turns. I especially liked the links of science and religion after studying it widely in Rs. 

Appointment with death by Agatha Christie. Such an intriguing book which also has lots of twists and turns. 

Death on the nile by Agatha Christie. Another Christie book really. Well yes. This is another very enjoyable book with some very unique characters in it too. 

The Trouble boys by E.R. Fallon. I don’t read lots of this specific type of book but I loved this book. It is such an interesting book in describing life for working class immigrant families in America in the 1950’s predominantly. 

If you want to read an in depth review of this book, I have a post up about it- 

Music. Although I did listen to the invetiable loop of Christmas music, here are some of my other favourite songs. 

Turn by the Wombats. I am already obsessed with their new album and only 2 songs have come out.. 

I bet that you look good on the dance floor and why’d only call me when you are high by the Arctic monkeys. Two of my all time favourite songs which always put me in the mood to dance! 

Brazil by Declan McKenna. This is a very chill and feel good song which is also very tuneful. 

Too little, too late by Jojo. What a throwback, oh yes! 

Favourite snacks 
Gluten/dairy free jammy dodgers. They honestly taste like normal Jammy dodgers from what I can remember, they are so so addictive! 

Vegan chocolate orange bars. These are great snack bars for on the go or between revision breaks (that time of year yes). They have such a nice balance of flavours and are also extremely addictive… 

Larissa xo 

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