Dear kitty… my problems with the modelling industry
Technically I would be classed as ‘plus size’ as a size 10 although I eat very healthily and am a healthy weight. I do not think labels are appropriate for anyone especially if you are a healthy weight. The most common size in the uk is a 16 so why are models forced to be so ridiculously underweight? 

It is so demoralising for young people who will be trying to find themselves, they do not need this extra added pressure of feeling like they have to be very very skinny. Many models are not healthy weights unfortunately and the modelling industry seems to encourage this which disgusts me. No one should be made to loose weight so they can fit into a ludicrous and barbaric sizing policy. Not to mention the trauma in terms of mental health that these models endure through this treatment. Younger models especially might not think they have any choice to get their foot in the door in terms of career opportunities. 

Many models seem to be encouraged to eat very little a few days or a week before a runway show or photo shoot. This is not right at all. No photo or event is worth Human beings having to starve themselves or eat very little. This should not be allowed full stop. The news that a 14 year old Russian model died recently in Shanghai because she felt she couldn’t take time of work to go to the hospital truly disgusted me, it was not in the uk but I think it exposes a dark modelling underworld. The girl was very young too, it isn’t fair that models are manipulated by the industry. The fact that someone felt like she couldn’t even go to the hospital disgusts me to the core. No one should be made to feel like this, especially not a young, vulnerable girl. 

Models are not being treated like humans, they are being treated like objects which can be manipulated at someone’s will, if they want to loose weight or such. This isn’t treating models like humans they are. We should be happy with our bodies even for our weaknesses, modelling industries shouldn’t have the right to classify what is an ‘ideal body’ when everyone is different and has different body types. We should be celebrating our differences rather than striving to be something which isn’t healthy in the first place.
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  1. I agree the model industry try and encourage this unhealthy weight but some of the times, the models are just that thin and thats what they choose to do. For me, im quite underweight and skinny for my age but im not unhealthy, i don’t starve myself to become a model and i feel as though some models are the same, but the industry itself is so toxic because of the fact that they exclude ‘plus size’ models because they want this idea and image of skinny women and i just think that with a generation of children and teenagers looking up to these models who are so influenced by what they see, it’s no good for them. Very insightful post x

    1. Yess of course some people are more naturally skinny. However, I don’t think it is right to encourage people to be underweight, like you said we should be encouraging all body types. Thank you for reading x

  2. I totally agree with you. The fashion industry should be encouraging body positivity instead of what it is currently. Specially for all those young girls who look up to those models. I pray that the world someday will have models with a “normal” body type on runways or magazines. One day. Very honest post. Heartbreaking about the 14yo model. :/

    Laura M –

    1. Yes I agree, although some people are naturally skinny, the majority of models are not normal body sizes. I don’t think it is fair on young girls to aspire for such false ideals. Thank you!

  3. I think this is an issue that so many people feel strongly about, I do think it is incredibly unhealthy that it is only ever stick thin models used nowadays, it creates a society where thats the only size that is perceived as acceptable, which of course is wrong! x

    Han |

    1. Yes I agree, we should be accepting of all body types than using a selective ideal which isn’t always realistic at all x

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