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Perfectionism can be both a blessing and a curse or a blessing in disguise. I read a newspaper article recently which discussed how perfectionism is having a largely negative effect on the mental health of teenagers today. I am a perfectionist in some ways so I understand the struggle some people have of being in control of many areas of their lives and the desire to be perfect in these areas too whether it should relate to making revision notes or playing a sport, it can apply to a variety of situations. It is good to want to do activities to a high standard but it is also important to realise it can be so emotionally draining to try to aim for perfection or close to perfection in everyday activities. 
As you get older, you realise you can’t do everything perfectly or even close to being perfect, there is not enough hours in the day but also you do not need to be perfect in everything to be successful! 

I sometimes feel this way about revision, I feel stressed about revising all my work in equal parts and that my revision notes are good enough or are effective methods of revision. All you can do at the end of the day is try to plan your revision ahead and do as much as you can, especially regarding mocks you get so much more time to revise during Easter and study leave in year 11 or year 13.

 It is also important to remember that revision is also a learning experience, you don’t have to confine your revision into a box, try a variety of revision methods and you will find out what are the most effective methods for different subjects. If you try a variety of methods of revision, you will be more likely to remember it as it makes your revision a bit more exciting! 

Larissa xo 

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