Drink more water. So far this is going well. I bought a litre water bottle early on in January, I haven’t managed to drink a whole one everyday but almost! 

Do more meditation and Pilates. Although it can be very difficult to fit in Pilates with my school work, I am doing it more than last year and it’s having a very positive influence on me. I am also trying to do some meditation every day but honestly some days are too busy with tests and what not. The meditation app I am currently using is Headspace if anyone is interested, it is very easy to use. 

Positivity– Be more positive through the more difficult times of year 13. I find school very stressful but I’m determined to be more in control of my mental health this year. 

Try and read more books I want to read, not just books for a levels. I love reading and I always have, it always seems to relax me. I have been reading a lot more recently. I am currently reading ‘three sisters three queens’ by Phillipa Gregory. 

Get better at driving. I am happy to report this is happening, I feel like I have improved a lot on traditionally weak areas for me such as roundabouts and feeling anxious during manoeuvres! I am going to be posting a post about my driving experience when I finally pass. 

To try different activities such as going to lectures on subjects I’m interested in, going to the cinema and theatre more. 

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