My 6 month blog anniversary


It is 6 months since I started my blog, time really does fly by! I have changed immensely in these last 6 months, I like to think for the better! Blogging has been the best outlet for my thoughts and has helped me to structure my thoughts, ideas and feelings which has helped my mental health a lot. If anyone is thinking of making a blog or starting one up again, honestly go for it. It is such an enjoyable hobby if you are writing about what you enjoy and you can meet other likeminded people on the internet too.

Also, I am so appreciative that people enjoy reading my blog and learning a bit more about me!


I am going to share what I have learnt through blogging:


Always blog about what you like but try to listen to suggestions too, you are so much more passionate when writing about topics you are interested in!


Try to find your own way of doing things and specific posts which you enjoy creating, if you have a blogging niche, go for it but don’t be afraid to write more commonly written posts too.


Always be open to talk to other bloggers, you can make new friends and gain new insights into life which is so special.


I hope everyone is well! The next few months are going to be extremely busy and stressful with exams so bare with me with the posts! Thank you for reading this, I appreciate your support so much. If guys want to leave a comment with any posts you would like to read, feel free!


Larissa xo

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