Mocks, a learning curve!
I hope that everyone’s mocks went well but it isn’t the end of the road. Mocks are most useful being treated as a learning curve; to analyse your performance and revision techniques to see what you might do differently in your actual exam. It is helpful doing this with a subject teacher if you can to see their advice and suggestions relating to the papers but also advice for the future. Or you might need to plan your revision more effectively, I am going to be doing a more detailed post on this in the future but prioritising is key when you have more subjects at GCSE and also giving yourself more than enough time to complete your revision allowing you to schedule treats for yourself too!
Try not to feel stressed if you didn’t get what you wanted or what you think you deserve, please use this energy on formulating strategies to improve for the future. If you didn’t get the grade that you wanted, it is important to see whether it was a result of a lack of revision in certain areas or a result of a lack of understanding in an area or an exam technique which needs to be improved. If you hadn’t revised some areas as thoroughly as others this can be easily rectified by further revision. However, if you didn’t understand a concept or if you struggle with an exam technique it is best to see a teacher as soon as you can to help you to improve sooner rather than later.
Mocks do give you a taste of the real exam which makes it easier to know what you are working towards whether it be relating to timing or the depth of information you use in your answers!
I hope everyone’s mocks went well! If you guys have any further questions, feel free to contact me. Larissa xo

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  1. This was great advice and I definitely agree with you!! Mocks aren’t the final thing so they shouldn’t be treated as such and should instead, be a source of improvement x

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