I think that variety is key with revision techniques, you need to have different types of revision methods to avoid unnecessary banality.
Here are some methods I often use but please keep in mind that I use these for more essay based subjects as they are the subjects I take for A level.
. Mind maps are a wonderful revision tool, you can do them however you want on a4 or a3 paper, you can make them colourful or not, you could even add drawings (not my area of expertise though!)

. Making detailed essay plans. This is a very effective way of summarising the information you have on a topic, putting it into a format you can directly use in an exam. It also allows you to put in any historians thoughts too which is important for one of my history papers.

. Summarising notes. I do this on my laptop and sometimes on queue cards (mostly for RS). This helps to pick about what you consider to be the most important information allowing you to more effectively learn your work. I find this to be useful for the Democracy and dictatorship History paper as it cuts down the many booklets into more manageable chunks and also allows you to see links between topics which can be very useful

. Using quizlet for key terms or ideas. Quizlet is a wonderful resource which allows you to use folders for different subjects and a wide variety of revision techniques on the app

. writing down everything you know about a topic and adding to it. This way you can see what parts of the topic you are weak on and go over it again. I find it (somewhat) relaxing marking essay plans and adding to it in coloured pens.
Purely for Classics. I know it is a niche subject but it can be tricky to revise

Greek sculpture and architecture. Notes on key buildings or sculptures, as well as theme notes and essay plans
Epic (Aeneid). I find making summary cards for each book to be very useful for revision and making character/themes notes too. It is also important to make essay plans on key themes.
Greek Tragedy. I find making theme/character notes with key quotations very useful. I also find making speech notes on A3 paper also extremely useful
I hope this has been helpful,
Larissa xo

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