Give yourself enough time. We all love to get even an extra few minutes of sleep but I don’t think it is worth it with the stress and anxiety you might incur because of those extra few minutes kip! Give yourself a realistic amount of time to get ready.

Tea!! Honestly such an essential for me but I find it is such a relaxing start to the day and a much-needed boost on these cold mornings. I particularly like having peppermint tea or bakewell tart/salted caramel green tea.

Try some meditation. I am not the best at remembering to do this but when I do I definitely feel more calm and ready to embrace the day

Eat something! I realise timings can be tight for some people in the mornings but it is so very important to nourish your body to give you the best start to the day. Or if you don’t like eating too early in the morning, bring a nutritious snack with you to your eventual destination.

Take time away from your phone. We all have this urge to go on social media for absolutely ages after we have woken up but we must resist the temptation! It is not effective in a timing sense but also it is not necessarily the best start to the day becoming engrossed in your screen. Alternatively you could try reading a newspaper, book or listening to a podcast in the morning, one of my favourites is confessions on BBC Radio 2.

Larissa xo

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    1. I get where you are coming from as someone who wakes up at 6:20 for school 😴 Yes, I feel like having tea just sets me of in the right mood for the day and helps my anxiety a bit too. X

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