I’m not going to lie and say I feel comfortable in my own skin all the time or often because I don’t. I do feel however I have reached a stage in which I feel a lot more confident in myself, my beliefs and values, I am comfortable with the person I am. This has taken many years, especially as I am someone who is naturally very shy; it has taken many years for me to get to this stage, I hope this shows people how much you do develop as a person throughout your teenage years. I think it is so important to not just grow as a person but accept yourself including your flaws. The best way of looking at your flaws are as parts of your personality which you might have to get used to ( as Jung puts it, integration of each part of your personality) or you can try to turn these weaknesses into strengths by trying to push yourself, if you feel comfortable doing so.

1) Confidence in public. This is something I have always struggled with when being alone, especially with crowds of people as this is when my anxiety usually decides to kick in. I would say that music sometimes helps me in these situations (as long as you aren’t crossing the road) but also talking to people in shops can quite often put me at ease. Don’t feel like you have to do everything perfectly, I used to have a fear of walking back in the same direction but quite honestly who cares? Most of the people you see in town you won’t see again, if you are happy with yourself, you should try your best not be concerned with others. I am now even comfortable being by myself getting coffee or what not, which shows a huge improvement from even a few years ago!

What has generally helped me with being comfortable in myself in most situations is through MUN, running clubs myself and going to a variety of clubs, it has massively improved my anxiety in these types of situations.

2) Body confidence is another very important topic which I have mentioned on my blog before but as with confidence in public, I didn’t used to feel comfortable in my own skin, I sometimes felt uncomfortable with my height ( as I am quite tall) but this is another way in which you have to accept different parts of yourself and learn to be comfortable within yourself! Similarly, I used to be insecure with my weight but this was mostly due to other people rather than myself. What did help in terms of eating was with me giving up eating gluten and dairy, I found this made my diet much healthier which helped my overall well being!

3) Being comfortable with your opinions! This can be difficult if people around you don’t have similar opinions and are not accepting of contrasting views which can sometimes happen! This comes alongside feeling comfortable in yourself; once you feel confident in yourself, you become more comfortable with your views as values too.

Larissa xo

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