– You might be a shy person but that doesn’t mean you can’t become more self confident or do activities in daunting social situations

– Some friends stay, some friends might go but that is all to do with growing up

– Don’t focus on what other people are doing or saying, you don’t live your life for others, just focus on you basically

– Don’t be afraid to admit your struggles with mental health, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

– Never be ashamed of having unusual interests; this is what makes you unique!

– Don’t be ashamed of admitting you have worked hard for something, a strong work ethic is always commendable

– Hard times do come in life, (quite often all at the same time) but you do have the strength and determination to get through it

– Ambition is commendable but don’t let your goals rule your life

– Don’t waste time on negative or toxic people, if they aren’t going to be there for you as a friend should, it’s best to let them go

– Tea or more specifically green tea and Call the Midwife can always make me feel better (even if it is a little better)

– Pilates and mindfulness can make a huge difference to anxiety. It is also very important to bare in mind during long periods of revision

– Travelling is one of the most amazing activities, meeting different types of people, eating unique foods and visiting different sights really does help you to grow as a person

Larissa xo

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