I know the word ‘exams’ can be a difficult word to mention for some and widely has connotations with stress and panic. This is not my intention, so if this is how you feel, it might be best if you click of this post now.

I wanted to write this post mainly because of a comment made by my head of sixth form in a recent assembly; he said in a nutshell that exams should encompass our lives from this moment on with no days off at Easter if we want to get good grades. I disagree with this for a number of reasons but most predominantly we aren’t robots but humans with our own personal struggles. I don’t think it is right to encourage us to overburden ourselves with work to the point of an impending mental break down, we aren’t still living in the 1960’s! Exams are important admittedly but so is taking time out for yourself to both take care of your mental health and because breaks help to not overburden your brain with knowledge.

I strongly believe that if you make a detailed revision plan both for Easter and the weeks leading up to your exams, it will allow you to feel less stressed, make sure you get all content you need to and also allow you to take revision at your own pace and schedule in longer breaks which are so important. If you want to go on an Easter egg hunt, go! It is important to try to enjoy yourself too. If you give yourself even little things to look forward to it will allow you to feel much more motivated with revision in my experience.

Also, make sure to schedule in time to practise exam technique or past papers too as they can give you vital skills for the exams but do also allow for a bit of a respite from the monotony of ordinary revision. I do three essay subjects so I have many essay questions to do for homework as well as lots of revision to do.

Wishing you all luck with exams, revision and hoping you are well too.

Larissa xo

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