The future is unpredictable and can be a scary prospect. As I’m nearing to the end of my time at school and a levels I find myself thinking more about the future, (in my time away from A level work). The thought of going to university has never really felt real to me, I spent many weekends looking at universities and it has always been a sort of alien concept for me. I’ve always thought that University is 5 years away, 3 years away, 2 years away and yet now it is just over 5 months away for me, I’m even having to pick my accommodation soon which really makes the whole situation feel so very real.

Going to university is going to be a whole new experience, meeting lots of new people, taking a new course (Law) and of course living away from home properly for the first time. This is an intimidating prospect for me, especially as I’m struggling with my Mental health at the moment but I’m also so excited for all the opportunities and new experiences it will bring. I am particularly excited to meet new people and also start studying Law; I have been intent on studying it for around 3 years now, so I am looking forward to getting started with a whole new subject! Although, I realise it is going to be difficult, (with lots of reading involved) but I am delighted to get started.

I am in some ways going to miss my A level subjects but recently they have become more and more centred on exams (for obvious reasons) which has taken the fun out of learning unfortunately! The atmosphere at school has been tense for quite a long time now and so it will be nice to come into a whole new atmosphere at University.

Hope you guys are doing well! Are you all excited for the future? Let me know of any future plans you have!

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    1. I am so excited for a fresh start! Can I message you? I’m not sure if I want to share it on here xx

  1. Best of luck with your A level exams! Not long now till they are over and you have the entirety of Summer to relax and refresh your mind. Where are you hoping to go to uni?

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