My current anxiety isn’t great by any means. Even if I don’t feel stressed, the atmosphere of stress at school makes me stressed. I always find people talking about revision, exams and ‘how many hours are you doing per day?’ firstly isn’t helping anyone but is secondly making me feel so anxious at school. It’s got to a point where I have to go for a walk most lunch times and just get out of the common room to talk to other people. I find a walk particularly beneficial to my mental health, just as a way to get away from the stress and clear my head.

I find the library is quite a calm and quiet place to not just do work but think and watch YouTube, Netflix or read if I’m feeling stressed. I sometimes go to the public library too, as another quiet place to chill or do work occasionally. Or even just to read a book for pleasure not to analyse it or reading a textbook, dare I say it!

I find it difficult to stay calm and motivated at school not just because of the atmosphere but also teachers comments about how much they think we should be revising, as well as giving us homework whilst telling us we should be revising a lot. It is also important to be doing essays of course but also revising as well which can be difficult.

Larissa xo

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