A levels are difficult there is no doubt about that but also a good learning curve in many ways, here are some things I have learnt from A levels:

You will get to a high standard with your subjects eventually if you work hard on developing your skills from GCSE to A level

You have the strength to get through it even if struggle to get through the day sometimes

Not everyone will be there for you academically and emotionally; that’s ok, it’s part of life. It is better in the long run to be without these toxic people

Even if A levels are a dark time for you, you will move onto bigger and better things

Don’t ignore your mental health; it is so important to take care of yourself as well as studying; no one is a robot at the end of the day.

Don’t lose your individuality and love of writing (writing for a blog instead of writing essays all of the time)

A levels are still a time for finding yourself but don’t feel like you have to be like everyone else

Larissa xo

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    1. Yes, rebellions are always the way to go. Or a coffee morning but who can tell the difference? 😂

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