I have handed in the final draft of my History coursework a few or two ago so I thought I would share some tips whilst all the joys are fresh in my mind!

Start reading very early; it’s always best to have too much to write about than too little. Make a log of all the sources you use as you progress through your coursework; it will make it so much easier to do your bibliography at the end. Also make sure to add footnotes to your coursework throughout so you can remember where you got the sources from.

Don’t feel like you have to read full books, read the relevant chapters; try to make detailed notes I skiing page references

Google books and online articles will become your best friends. It helps to give a variety to your work and you can easily find other sources the author has used

Make a detailed plan before you start writing including your basic argument and historians/ sources you are going to use. It is best to find most of your information before you start writing but you will of course have to add more as you develop your argument

Make a note of the sources you use and take photographs if relevant to form your appendixes

Split the writing up into your interpretations, introduction and conclusion to make it more manageable

Make sure to try to include quotes and other relevant details in your first draft, it makes it easier to expand on these points at a later date.

Try to give your teacher as many drafts or paragraphs as you are allowed to, it is so important to try to get your teachers feedback throughout the writing process so they can tell you what to focus on!

Larissa xo

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