I am writing this on the day of my last two A level exams which were my Germany paper for History and the Aeneid paper for Classics which both went quite well. It is such an odd feeling finishing of my A level exams because many of my papers I have been studying the content since the beginning of year 12 so to finally put it to rest is a very odd feeling! I am fairly happy with how my exams went, not every exam went to plan but that is life for you at the end of the day! Some exams I thought would be easy really challenged me such as Greek Tragedy which had two of the worst 40 markers ever including one even my teachers didn’t understand! Classics A level especially has been challenging for me throughout the course so I am proud of myself for improving so much through year 13. If anyone would like some more specific posts about A levels such as how I revised or how I made revision notes for specific papers feel free to leave a comment down below.

I have a huge plethora of emotions: from feeling relieved my exams are over, to feeling physically and mentally exhausted from the exams themselves, I also started to feel ill after my exams ended today so that is a great start to the summer but at the end of the day probably a natural reaction to the intense stress A levels seem to put on us as people despite being only 17 or 18 year olds. I am also very excited for I guess what I can call the next chapter of my life to begin. Although I will be going back to school for a couple of days to see teachers and for school events such as prize giving in September, I have finished high school and will be moving onto university in September which is an exciting and daunting prospect in equal measure! I spoke to my teachers for the last time as a school student and talking about university and the future really did make me think about the future for the first time in a couple of weeks due to exams!

If you have had exams recently I hope they went well or if you still have exams I hope they are going ok. Let me know of any posts you would like to see now that my summer holidays have started! I am going to be trying my best to post blog posts at least once a week on Tuesdays, if not twice a week which would include a post on Sunday too. Larissa xo

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    1. Yes, it’s a big relief and the beginning of the next stage of my life which is a scary prospect! Ahh hope they go well and you have a wonderful summer after ✨

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