I don’t feel like this is talked about very often, many people try to give he impression they can go from revision and exams to stopping revision and doing whatever they want seamlessly which is definitely not the case for me and perhaps others too. I finished my A levels on the 19th June and when I am writing this post (on Saturday 23rd June) I still feel like I am recovering from exams in terms of the lack of sleep and rest during exams, the physical and mental pressure of revising every day and having exams very close together. Also, the strain on my mental health, the constant strain of exams and the stress after exams which didn’t go so well did affect my mental health too which increased the toll of exams on me. I felt the same way after my GCSE’s although to a lesser extent but it wasn’t such a significant problem last year because I only had one AS and mocks did didn’t last very long and felt quite chilled out (or as chilled out as exams can feel!)

Lots of people talk about the strain of exams prior to exams and during exams themselves but very few people talk about how to almost get your life back on track after they have finished. It might seem very dramatic to some people but in my opinion quite often exams push your body and mind to the limit, meaning your body and mind need time to recover after exams. It’s great to make plans for days out and to travel but also make time to get plenty of rest and some down days too, it’s important to fully rejuvenate after the ordeal of exams. I think it’s so important to do little things to pamper yourself such as using a face mask or getting your nails painted or even your hair cut, I always think a haircut helps to not just reinvent yourself in some instances but also provide a new and fresh look to help you to feel more like yourself!

Larissa xo

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! It’s so important and is rarely spoken about. I’m always so drained after exams and need some time to recover afterwards!!

    1. Ofc! I’m sorry to hear that but I guess it’s a relief that other people feel the same way. I hope they went well x

  2. You are so right about this. When I was doing High School and University exams it was important to take an evening to rest, watch my favorite movie or something else to recover from exams or the stress would drive me crazy!

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