Get ready for coursework over the holidays. Make sure you have read relevant books, made notes from these books and articles. I also found it helpful to make a plan or outline for my coursework to try to categorise my thoughts

Start with University preparation over the holidays. Start to look around universities which you think might interest you. It is useful to look around more universities than you five options to make sure you have chosen Universities which will suit you. Also, start doing research and writing your personal statement to make sure you make a good start in University preparation.

Keep up to date with school work and make your notes over the summer to make sure you are well prepared for year 13

Use the summer as an opportunity to make sure you know how you revise effectively and make notes, this summer is a great opportunity to find out about how you learn effectively!

Make sure you have organised all your folders over the summer ready for year 13 because its best to be ready for such a hectic year ahead

Have a rest before the start of year 13, it is undoutably going to be a difficult year so have a rest when you can

Use this summer as a chance to read for pleasure, in year 13 if you take humanities subjects you won’t get much chance to read for yourself.

Good luck for everyone who will be starting year 13 this year,

Larissa xo

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